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  • Taken this in for a while.  To me the path weathering in front of the entrance is maybe a little too much, like I love all the things you have going on here but their placement in this area seems a little questionable.  I'll default to you here though, probably looks better in game.
    Really good though, you've pulled off the feel of old school Six Flags archy very well.

    I may agree with you on that, but you know how cheap Six Flags has gotten especially in recent years. Cheap enough to not take care of their path, maybe?
  • anyone lf partner?
  • I'm just seeing this for the first time and being considered in the same light of a lot of my contemporaries that i feel absolutely are better at parkmaking than me makes me blush. Like I was a self-vote away from a podium finish haha.

  • Sort of summed up what I had to say on the other screen haha


    I think the use of path crunch/features is a little inconsistent, but a final detail pass should catch most of that when the time comes.

    Wow, I mean there's a few issues maybe but you can't deny this is must top tier stuff. Seems like you've enjoyed building this one, it shows.


    Oh yeah, this screen isn't done at all and I hastily threw it together enough to look presentable for the screenshot. One of the less interesting areas in the park for sure, but I wanted to see how a more banal area would be received.

  • Certainly has a Six Flags feel; there's a couple of quirks and nitpicks here and there but I think it can be chalked up to not being completed. Interested to see where this goes.


    I'd say this is screenshot is about 85-90% done, but yeah there's definitely spots of foliage I need to clean up especially.


    All of the buildings in this screen (and all of the ones in the park) do have interiors.


    Just last week I was looking at the ground outside and wondering how I could create a realistically mossy texture with existing RCT2 objects. Looking near the top right corner here, it seems you have made my dream into a reality.


    See, this is what crunch is actually made for. It's to simulate textures and fidelity that aren't there in the game normally. If you want to crunch successfully you have to study how materials actually act, and how things actually look. Most people who crunch don't do this and it ends up looking like object spam. I'll have more examples of this later on.


    Certainly picking up Six Flags over Georgia vibes from this entrance setup. And from the Bizarro screen too, if you replaced Goliath.


    This park's timeline is supposed to mirror SFOT/SFSTL/SFOG fairly closely, which is why a lot of the park's layout is an amalgam of those. Bizarro does do the SFOG Goliath thing, keen eye.


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