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    This all-new contest will be like a cross between RCT Space's Road Rally's and the Micro Madness contest held here at NE a few years back. All you need to do is make a micro park (and we upped the size limit to 20x20) and send it in when your ready. Each month will have a winner and ever runners up and honorary mentions depending on how many submissions we get.

    Rules and Format

    Also if you would like to judge please contact me. Judges will be anonymous each round.

    Please post any questions you have.

    Also big thanks to 5Dave for the contest logo! :mantis:

    Number of January 2012 entries received: 0
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    Awesome idea, I can definitely do this one. :p
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    Cena thinks; 

    ** So, Kumba pays the prize money and thinks he wins the tournament so that he doesn't have to pay out much. ** 

    Cena acts; 

    I am in!
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    Im in, one question, How would i get my money if I win? lol

    But yeah, Im in!
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    How many entries are we allowed to submit each round?

    I'm gonna give this one a go, already planned my entry
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    you can expect at least 1 entry from me somewhere. and probally 2 or 3 (depending on how the first one faires).

    but I wont say which round I'll be competing (unless dave says which round he goes then chances are I'm in that round also).
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    I'm having trouble making a map... :'(
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    I'm having trouble making a map... :'(

    Yeah same here. How do I make a map 20x20. Lowest I can go is 50x50
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    How many entries are we allowed to submit each round?

    "Entrants are limited to two entries per month" -

    Yeah same here. How do I make a map 20x20. Lowest I can go is 50x50

    use black tiles
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    I thought we had a bench to use.
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    I'm in it.
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    nin - I hope to see you in this... if you can finish a micro :p

    Cena - Well yeah I want a chance to win my money back. Have won the only two other contests where I put up my own cash (Micro Madness and a fantasy football league). Also if it was not for my beating 63 other entrants in Micro Madness I would not have made myself the default winner this month. I think that earns me a pass in a micro contest and its not like I slacked on Awkward Evolution. Also I had the idea in the middle of January, so imo I did not have time to do all this for that month. 11 of 12 aint bad tho.

    Panther33 - Winning money in this will not be easy. The most you could win is $100, but to do that you would need to enter and win four times before the December championship and then win that. All the info is in the rules, but im sure you'll have more questions on it.

    Jon - 2 per week. Good luck.

    Levis - I think everyone would love to see another Levis vs 5Dave match-up, so I hope it happens!

    Panther33 (again) - You don't need to use a bench even if I add some to the site. I want people to have as much creative control with these as they can.

    Top Gun - I will try and make a few helpful workbenches and add them to the site in the next few days. I'll post once they are up.

    Thanks for the replies, looks like this thing might just work out. Also I have gotten a lot of people asking to judge and will get back to everyone around the deadline to let you know if you can do this month. If your not picked this month, then I might offer you a later month.

    Lastly if anyone has any advice on how to fix up the webpage please let me know. This is the first one I have ever made from scratch.
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    I'm in. :)
  • Liampie%s's Photo
    I think this contest might actually work! I will enter for sure, but not this month.
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    if i can get a bench, i'd be down
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    Sounds fun, hope I can put aside some time for this
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    I'm in! :)
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    If someone needs a good bench, he can contact me. ;)
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    if i can get a bench, i'd be down

    just take the H2H5 bench and put some blacktiles on it to get 20*20.
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    can i participate and judge as well?
    im not interested in the money, so if i win you may keep hold of it or give it to charity or something.