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    You can do a bit more with the queue entrance I think. Overall is a slight bit lifeless and dull.
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    You're right, I'll add some signs to the entrance. Quite a bit is still going to change in this screen though, the little patch of foliage in the top will be replaced with something more interesting. About the lifelessness, I believe peeps will help with that a lot.

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    Replace the blue and yellow thing above the queue entrance with the back side of a soda stall. Trust me, it will look cool
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    I'm not sure. It does look unique.

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    Oh haha I forgot about the quarter tile issue. Now it's either too far back are sticking out too much. Maybe try it on full tile walls.
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    Use tile inspector to remove the wooden base. Maybe thrown on some deco pieces too.
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    Faas you're a genius. I'm keeping this one.



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    Faas you genius you made it even better :o

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    Love it. Feeling more engaging than your previous parks already.
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    Promising new screen, keep this style of archy up ;) Like it a lot.

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    Yes, this is good! Looks more organized and controlled than your usual work. I think your style has matured a lot since JWAK. Can't wait to see more of this. Good job.

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    So much path. Archy is cool tho.

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