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    comment below
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    You forgot to rotate a buttcheek
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    Screen of the year


    No, best screen in NE history

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    Is this the park you talked about? The one where you build monuments dedicated to notable NE members? This could be an ode to Levis.
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    You forgot to rotate a buttcheek

    Some people's butts just are that way. Geez, how insensitive.
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    oh god it's getting weirder

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    oh god it's getting weirder

    It's not weird, it's just love. Romance. <3
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    But can she cook?

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    Some of you clearly missed the point here....


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    Why are her panties still on?
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    This is a little too much. Sure it's one thing when it's Levis making random people that don't exist but this is so obvious that it's a little bit disturbing and disgusting. If it were me depicted, I would be very upset by this.

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    I actually did miss the point, I just saw a Levis sculpture. But yeah I'd say you're taking this way too far... I value artistic freedom a lot and I think you can build almost anything you want here at NE, but not this. I'll remove any further screenshots and things of this FxL thing that you may post in the future.

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