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    I still don't like the emptiness between the coaster and the water much, but otherwise this is great.

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    Looks amazing.
    Great job.

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    I liked the supports and flowers
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    I'd love to show this shit to someone back in 2000. They'd probably lose their minds


    my favorite small detail is the semi-sunken fences around paths. great idea, I'd done something similar in rct2 with the iron fences so IDK why I never thought to try in LL

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    This is lovely.

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    Nice work on the DJ booth

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    Millennium Force aka MILF
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    Love it

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    I've never seen this before, bumping because it's excellent and I hope it's still alive

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    its still alive, will be finished eventually........ maybe after all this h9h stuff is over
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    Not a fan of the final turn but the rest is alright.
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    Have to disagree with dark_horse and say the final turn is my favourite bit. I know the photo is a few years old but the vibes coming from it are from an even older period and I for one dig it

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    The transition on the left hand side looks awful.  

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    The transition on the left hand side looks awful.  


    It truly is as good as it'll get in LL. The ascent really is slightly more steep than the descent outta that turnaround. It's hard to see from most angles but it is there.


    I was there on Saturday. Eleven hours and only 5 rides. Still the best place on Earth.

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