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    Looks great! The colors in the overview are so nice.

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    cool scale

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    Looks great! I’m looking forward to it.
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    That looks great, may be your best yet! Well done on finishing.
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    Really liking the overview! Hard to say for sure without seeing the details, but it seems fairly clear that you've found that sweet spot where it's realistic but also very atmospheric, interesting and aesthetically pleasing. The two big coasters look great. Looking forward to see it in-game!

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    NE droppin some hot shit of late, I like the colors.

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    very vibrant!

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    Nice work! Looking forward to this.

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    I found your work very cool, very nice to see and enjoy.
    Very well done, congratulations, great work. :)
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    Really cool... from the overview maybe this'll even score gold.


    I really like the dark drab color scheme and how it contrasts with the blue B&M.

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    she has arrived



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