Screenshot / Scenes from Magic Mountain (6/9)


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    comment below
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    Good good
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    The foliage is St. Patrick's Day, and the oak tree is keeping a low profile so as not to get pinched.

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    this is both sexy and a really cool piece of theme park history

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    Better than the real thing

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    Lovely. Love the abstraction in the station.
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    Too forceful for me but landscaping is tasteful and nice to look at.

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    I'm not sure what the station is supposed to represent. I think I'm less of a fan of this than of the other screens from this project. 

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    Sounds silly, but is there a reference pic for the station? Rock work and foliage is real pleasant.

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    verrrry interesting

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    good job nerds

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    I love nin as much as anyone, but there's no way this screen is >80% work. 

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    Thanks for the replies everyone. This station was inspired by a proposed concept for what is now Superman: Escape from Krypton made back in the 90's, just search for "SFMM concept art" and you should be able to uncover it. It's weird and totally out of character for Six Flags, but it's a fun design nonetheless. 

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    God that's so much better than the gross white blob there today...

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    I like all of it, but especially the building with the blue roof.

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    Whitehawk has come a long way.

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    After seeing the concept art it makes more sense. Also after seeing the concept art, I think you could do better in capturing some elements there that aren’t translated here.
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    Foliage and landscaping: its good

    Building: am confused

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    So the grey roof is rather funky, but I respect you're trying to remake some concept art.


    In that regard though, I think herein is an instance where using your NCSO creativity would serve to your benefit, rather than building off the blueprint.


    All the rest is pleasant.



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