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    Don't forget benches, lamps and bins. And I think a chimney would look nice here. And even some snow covered trees. Nice job though.
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    Impressive, but I agree that a few more path items and maybe even some mountain related clutter (skis, safety gear, food and drink supplies etc) would make this building more welcoming.  Btw, I can't quite tell where those stairs go :/

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    As with some of your other stuff, the scale is larger than normal, but I think it still looks pretty good.

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    scale much? all the overly big buildings aside i think your architecture is really good and can't wait for it's release, you've improved immensely since your venezia park

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    A couple perpendicular gables in the largest roof section would look great, I think. 

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    I like it, it's simple and stuff which i like. Maybe some adjustments to the roof like vents could work better though. And the foliage looks kinda bland and not flowing.
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    I love that building, the trees are probably a little repetitive but I shouldn't be giving anyone advice about foliage. lol

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