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    For me there's a lot to like throughout the photos. The dive coaster descending into the water looks great, the spinning coaster looks surprisingly good with the dinosaur and mushroom next to it, the entrance to your water coaster through that cave area looks pretty hectic and exciting, and in general the pictures give quite a warm, cosy vibe.


    There are things I'm not convinced about, the support work is interesting? Is there a reason the supports are so thick for most coasters? Also the roof of the water coaster station, quite a lot of wooden poles. Is this based off of somewhere else? I want to like it but it seems a bit excessive. I'm also not sure about the paving in the bottom right photo. I don't know if I like the two different tones of paving.


    There's a lot more to like than dislike in these photos though. Clearly a lot of good work throughout and a clear difference between some of the themes. I look forward to you finishing this project.

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    But the most important question: Where is the swaffeling taking place? :p

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    This looks simple and clean. I like every bit of this!

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    I just love these old school supports, with that weird angled block as footer. Why has the community stopped using that object? It's great!

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    Very nice work Faas! Big fan of this park

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    Wow, this made me feel a little nostalgic, can't believe how long this park's been around. I love how you can see which coasters are the newer ones, they look slightly modernized while still sticking to classic Dutch parkmaking. Nice to see you're still keeping it alive even with The New Block gone. Will you post a new release of it when it's done?

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    Thicc supports are good and correct.

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    Beautiful except for that piece of straight track between the two corkscrews.

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