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    Part of me is unsure about how the coaster absolutely dominates everything in this screen, but I also just think this looks like a bucket of fun. Good ole classic coasters on coasters fun. The detailing and execution is great. The one support messing with the turn for the go-kart seems entirely unnecessary except that I love it with the red/white caution markings.


    Maybe one thing that'd help is to add some crunch underneath the coaster? Just using 1k nets and path pieces and roof tiles to add some dirtiness and grit would help I think, otherwise that feels like a huge block of one texture. Even just some weeds or smaller brown foliage would help make it feel 'lived in' a bit more.

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    Nets are a good suggestion, and would make sense for a park like this to have.  I love the coaster though, little bit of a shame its right up against the map edge, makes the black sorta blend in a little, but its a bold attraction never the less.

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    I like seeing all that coaster track together. Not a huge fan of the coaster colors though, the environment around it already seems a bit dull and black doesn't help in that. And I also agree with FK that you can do better with the ground under the coaster :) A bit of landscaping and some rockwork here and there can help a lot!

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    Made some adjustments based on the comments :) 


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    Really nice.


    Maybe a crack in the racetrack can fit. I hope somebody made that kind of an object.

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    Opening in 2005, Champion debuted as the Tallest and Fastest Full Circuit Roller Coaster west of the Mississippi. Standing at 240 ft and topping out at 86 mph, Champion declared itself the King of Coasters at Silver Lake Amusement Park, and is still a crowd favorite 15 years later.

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