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    Also cleaned up the shuttle's surrounding area. Thanks for the suggestions!

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    Very nice, the landscaping is still a bit rough and bare in places, but this is definitely interesting. I love the rockwork building at the bottom with the two stairs coming out.

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    Invert layout looks interesting!

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    I will forever hate the LOTR-rocks + RCT rocks combo with a passion. I also wish the architecture was themed, it looks like the park put a lot of money into the rocks, but perched on these rocks are a couple of budget sheds.


    Still a nice screen despite this. Coaster looks very nice, good colours, and nice queue.

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    This is exceptional. Always glad to see you building!

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    i like the industrial architecture a lot, actually! feels very rocky mountains to me

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    It isn't bad but it makes me long for a grittier version of the same theme that breaks away a little from parkmaking norms.

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    There's a bit too much grey I think. Perhaps experiment with different colors for the roadlines on the path. Perhaps just brown?

    Maybe experiment with making some of the walls too, just a bit too much grey I think.
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    Not bad, definitely promising stuff. I think you should be more clear with what you define your rockwork: landscaping or lotr rocks, i agree with liampie on that.


    also i agree with russ that you should try out more with the blank walls. maybe adding some chimneys etc. to the archy could also help with making it more interesting.

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    The individual components are all there, but I can't help but feel like the bulk of the ride is a bit of a missed opportunity for interaction, or at least better integration into the setting. The layout reminds me a bit of a smaller, compact invert like Nemesis Inferno, which benefits greatly from how it weaves around the surrounding path and is amazing to watch from all different vantage points. I wonder if there's a way, particularly around the left side of the screen where there's not as much queue and rockwork, to get some better path interaction and view points in, even if it's a plaza to a small shop or a seating area. 

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    Thanks for the feed back everyone! I will definitely make some changes and spice up the archy.

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