Screenshot / Tromsø's Nordlysfestivalen


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    One of my favorite shots of the park.


    Damn, det er varmt!

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    That building and the bridge are incredible. You've really stepped up your game.

    The only thing that bothers me is the pallette. Especially in-game it seemed off to me.

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    Starting off this year very strong. Everything about this entry was so perfect. That bridge is the best.

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    beautiful work.

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    Instant fan. Amazing work. 

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    That building is so so good. And when you shared a picture of the building it was inspired by somewhere, I couldn't believe my eyes. Such an ugly thing, and the RCT rendition is awesome. Brown glass is an odd choice, and the glass colours are rather strange here in general, but it's served up so nicely I'm not actually questioning it.


    edit: double post

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    You know you've made it when Liam posts his comments twice!

    Deservedly, this is just amazing!
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    Great textures through repetition.
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    this is actually fucked up

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    I love these big structures, this bridge became animal  :D  :)  nice work


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