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    Nice! I like the shapes of all these buildings, the pink ones at bottom look stellar. I love the observation towers and pipe smoke stacks. (For the land clipping up top, I think if you put any 1/4 tile object on the adjacent two 1/4 slots touching the wall it should fix!) 

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    really lovely. excited for this project. want to eat that mushroom

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    Looks great! Love the colours in this screen. Somehow though, it feels a bit dead somehow. I'm hoping the inclusion of peeps will help. 

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    I think the grey path in the background is quite distracting, wish you'd use mazes to get the blacktile look instead. Should be super easy now with the scenery manager! I like the scene in the foreground.

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    Good call Liam, didn’t even think to try that. Honestly might just use black tiles since I’m already using support blockers
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    I love this

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    Atmosphere is top notch.  Has a really inviting feel and the hacks don't feel overpowering. Good stuff.

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    really nice! the woodie layout reminds me of the one in le reve. also dig the trims at the top of the factory building at the bottom of the screen

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    These roofs were cool :)

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