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    Foliage and rockwork are solid.


    I think this is missing some things or ultimately just things have me a bit puzzled. Would suggest a contrasting roof color, even black would be fine; right now the paths and roofs are the same shade of brown. Also for the paths, I would do more of the crazy texture and less of the mulch maybe. To break it up even further, I think a planter or two where the footers are on the paths could be nice! Maybe even some netting overhead?


    Would be a pain but the fencing is backwards for me: would have the wooden/netted fencing where the bridges/wooden pathways go and then the brick fencing where the paths are on solid ground, if that makes sense because right now they kind of don't.


    Maybe continue the monorail spine downward into the suspended track so it's not a hard cutoff of it. Maybe some trimwork to make it seem like the catwalk is less float-y too? 


    Atmosphere, foliage, and landscaping is all there though. Keep going!

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    Some very good points actually, thanks for that! I'll go make some adjustments.

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    Beautiful coaster colors. Always happy to see you building cool stuff

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    Really nice atmosphere here. I agree with Steve, maybe add a planter at the base of one of the supports 

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    I think the coaster needs more attention to really put this over the top, along with what steve noted.


    Just feels like you have the bare minimum when it comes to supports, catwalks, etc...  You can do so much more with it to really make it special.

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    i like Ottersalads suggestion of a planter at support base. I think the interesting thing for me here is how this would be deemed incredible realism less than a decade ago, i think the skeleton is there for you and all you need are a few extra things to hopefully get the spotlight you've been so close to in future

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    I missed this screen. Cool stuff, loving the look of the foliage. Good coaster name.

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    Jappy you have the green nickname now  :D, you deserved it.
    I love your jobs as always.  :)

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