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    In less than a month the European Championship of Football finally starts. Two years ago we had a betting poule (https://www.nedesign...5929/world-cup/). Thought it would be fun to do that again, so I set one up again. Feel free to use this topic to discuss anything else related to the championship as well.


    You can join using the following link:


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    Hell yes

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    It only starts in a bit over a week!


    I was able to dig up the final standings from last time (see below, scores in brackets). Let's see how it pans out this time. So far, Liam, RWE, FredD and me have signed up. Our reigning champ, Iron Rattler, is nowhere to be found. That means everyone can still win.


    1. Iron Rattler (551)

    2. chorkiel (481)

    3. Liampie (471)

    4. Cedarpoint6 (435)

    5. MK98 (419)

    6. RoyR (409)

    7. FredD (401)

    8. Louis! (388)

    9. Roomie (369)

    10. RWE (369)

    11. Version1 (284)

    12. WhosLeon (243)


    If anyone needs help with signing up, let me know, I'll see if I can help :)

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    I don't like the Scorito website, but I powered through and entered my predictions! Hope we can get double digits participants again! :)


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