Grand Tour '23 / The Grand Tour Rally

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    Welcome to the Grand Tour Rally! I hope the admins are okay with this, but I thought this was a neat way to give non-winning parks something interesting to do. Why a Rally and not a Race? Because in this I just rank the parks according to the accolade score. Obviously it's not perfect due to some non-competitive entries and the mixing of design and spotlight, but what the hell.
    No idea how to do the proper formatting so I'll just upload a screen of a Excel worksheet.


    Standings: Round 4


    Attached Image: Round 4.png

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    Nice! Maybe add a column for the round/country too?

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    Great job V1 this is awesome!

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    Super cool idea, and rest assured the Excel format works just fine. Gets me all tingly seeing my name so high up there.

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    I love how Waterloo essentially makes the name column twice as wide than it would need to be otherwise. LOL

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    Round 4 Update


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