Grand Tour '23 / The Grand Tour '23 - Grand Final

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    Grand Final:

    The Ring of Fire


    The journey so far has taken us to contemporary pop concerts and ancient cave dwellings, through comic book frames and abandoned ruins, on drug trips and over coffee terraces. There is no time to recover yet, as we celebrate our completed circumnavigation in the Grand Final. The ground will tremble and the sky will be filled with a magnificent display of fireworks, as we hit one more destination: The Ring of Fire.


    The breaking up of the old supercontinent of Pangea, around 200 million years ago, has preluded a new phase of the rearrangement of the earth's crust. Plates push, pull, crash and scrape against one another, causing devastating earthquakes and explosive eruptions. Most of this tectonic violence is concentrated around the Pacific Ocean, in a horse shoe shape stretching from New Zealand in the west to Chile in the east, covering much of (South) East Asia and the western coast of the Americas. Many civilizations have emerged and settled on the rich volcanic soil found in these regions. As diverse as they area, they have this one thing in common: a challenging relationship with mother nature.




    In addition to the general contest rules, three objectives have been set for this round. The entries will be judged through a public poll, determining the degree to and manner in which you completed the objectives, as well as the overall quality of the submission.

    1. Your park must be set in or themed to a region that is part of the Ring of Fire.

    2. Your park must include or reference a volcano (active or dormant) or an earthquake - or another type of tectonic activity found in the Ring of Fire.


    3. A national flag (or elements thereof) of your chosen region must be used as a visual motif on your map.




    Submit your park through a PM with Liampie, Xtreme97, posix and CoasterCreator9 as the recipients.


    Submissions are due on Wednesday December 20th, no later than 23:59 GMT.

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    I'm excited. Will make time for this!


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