Park / [NEDC] The Boardwalk - #8/9


  • Levis%s's Photo
    I think you did a fine job here. The structures aren't bad and the planning is quite nice. Now try to look at other parks to see how they add details to the map and how they try to make the coaster interact with the surroundings and how everything enhances each other.
  • chorkiel%s's Photo
    I think you did a fine job on the idea but the execution could be better.
    What was there, was really nice, but some more would be nice!
  • posix%s's Photo

    some more would be nice!

    Yeah, I was thinking that when looking at your entry.
  • Luigi%s's Photo
    ^Kinda harsh, but I lolled :lol:

    I have to agree with chorkiel though, it kinda felt a bit empty. The basic was really nice and the planning seemed good too. If it just had some more foliage and some details it could have been a really nice entry.
  • Liampie%s's Photo
    I didn't like the execution (not terrible though), but at least there was an idea.
  • wildroller%s's Photo
    Thanks for the feedback, I wanted to do a little more but with the deadline approaching I decided to cut some stuff out and submit what I had :). If I had a little more time I would have built more behind the fireball ride and the whole thing would've been better! It was a fun challenge and I do look forward to the next challenge.
  • 5dave%s's Photo
    Yeah I liked the idea too, although it seems like every member has built at least one white boardwalk woody. So now you have that one under your belt can't wait for some more original ideas :D

    I'd like to see more interaction in general, that's what really enhances a ride experience.