Park / [NEDC] Schwarzwald - #2/9


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    Hey, I'm german, too. Homesick, maybe?
    However, I didn't really get that "Schwarzwald"-feeling neither, still it was very beautiful, skillfull and atmospheric. Everything seems very light in this small park and feels like being on holiday.
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    During voting, I was wondering who made this, excellent work! It was a toss up between this and Dave's entry.
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    Well I told you already what I think about it. its not that bad but I just don't think it should end this high. You could put whatever coaster behind this buildings and it would work. its just completely generic. and if you go for realistic than there are some things which just dont work like so many shops/food stalls and an entrance which is actually pretty hard to find. Also a train which goes round the coaster doesn't really have any use now does it. And if you want it realistic then the supporting is really a point where you should look at cause in this way the coaster wont survive much rides.
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    Congratulations on the 2nd place finish! A very quaint, atmospheric park I really enjoyed viewing. Given the contest I would have liked to have seen more themeing for the ride rather than it being kind of set back from the village area - more stuff like the picnic area that interacts with the start. Nonetheless I think great support work and a really nice entry!
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    This is fucking mindblowing, wow. I've been waiting to see something from you and this is what I expected. I can't remember the last time I've seen such serenity on a map before while still being entirely convincing realistically, and with such great composition and flow. You finish that solo park and my head might explode. Excellent job, dude.

    And Levis, you're certainly entitled to your opinion but whether this is generic or completely new, it deserves to be where it is (if not higher) just based off skill alone. I do agree the train is a little pointless but its not like its completely unorthodox.
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    @ steve -> Personally when i judge the top 3 (from screens I didn't had time to watch them ingame) I would score this one 75% and the one from dave 85% and the other one also 85%. I still think its a nice job. Just from the top 3 I think its the weakes. and seeing what hes up agains thats not that bad cause the others are just very good.
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    This is great. It further increases the hype and anticipation i have for Starpointe
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    what that fuck... pacificcoaster? really?

    dude, i had no idea who built this but it was the clear winner in my eyes. your design and surroundings flowed perfectly along with showing creativity and originality. i would have never guessed this was your entry but it was beyond fantastic and i cant wait to see more from you... really dude, congrats
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    I agree with Levis and deano. The park had a great moment in its busy centre and beautiful architecture, but other than that it didn't really convince me. I also felt the monorail was overused.
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    No doubt this was the winner for me! First off, congrats on your first NE release. I've seen you progress with Starpointe over the last year or so, but this was quite a surprise for how far you have come from even that. Everything was so well thought out and executed greatly. My favorite was how you disguised the queue in the village structures. I had to look around for a while before I found the entrance to the ride because at first, I thought that outdoor portion was for the train, haha. Supporting on the coaster was also well done, despite what levis said about it being inadequate. Even as someone who is uptight on realistic details, this was just fine to me. Maybe not by California earthquake standards, but I can think of quite a few coasters in other regions with even less supporting than this one that have held up. Anyways, what better way to enter the NE scene with a high quality release like this? I have no doubt Starpointe will be the most anticipated upcoming realistic release when you finish that.
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    Really great use of diagonals and curves to create a lovely, flowing atmosphere. It was very polished, and very good indeed. Looking forward to more themes from you!
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    Damn I loved this. Brilliant usage of the monorail and good train. The que was pretty interesting too. Makin' me really excited for Starpointe.
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    jesus, this was brilliant. you have huge things ahead of you. as good as archimedes was, I really think this deserved to win. perfect realism, atmosphere, architecture, foliage, etc etc. amazing.
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    I'm not gonna toss out "brilliant" like others have. But had I decided to vote on these...having actually viewed all nine in-game...this would have been my winner. As others have said, everything seemed well thought out and executed the same way. Great composition and flow which created a very convincing atmosphere. Between the screens I've seen and now this...I'm keeping an eye on this guy (not That Guy...THIS guy) Posted Image
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    A really nice charming entry. It felt really believeable and realistic. What I didn't like where the flower beds, I just can't get a fan of them somehow. It's just monorail track to me. lol. The theme wasn't very original but executed really well. One of the best framework architecture I've seen in RCT imo. The queue was somehow strangely hidden and unrealistic (in terms of extra buildings and tunnels just for the queue).
    The train ride would've been better if it was just part of a larger curcuit rather than a small ride through this single area. And the ride interaction coud've been better, but all in all it deserves the score!

    The most surprising entry IMO and if you work on some little logical flaws you're on to something really great! Keep it up!

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    Your architecture is stellar here, it really captures the atmosphere and has some incredible execution. The design of the village was great as well, and I LOVED the use of the curved monorails, it really adds to the flow of the pathing. However, I do agree with Levis when he says the coaster could've been better integrated with the rest of the design, it's completely segregated from the village and any coaster placed in its place would serve the purpose of having a coaster there. Seems like this detachment from the rest of the design really emphasizes NEDC's biggest challenge: the integration of an existing layout into a design. This didn't seem to do that successfully.

    However, all in all, it is an amazing display of your talents; the architecture was flawless, the atmosphere was lively and the foliage was great. I can imagine people remembering this entry for a long time to come, congratulations on your first accolade and can't wait to see Starpointe on the front page! :mantis:
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    this was my winner out of all the entries. nice job.
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    this was my winner out of all the entries. nice job.

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    Based on the overview, I think I would have enjoyed this park the most out of all the entries. There are some nice touches there with the train bridge and the vineyard (I assume that's what it is), and the foliage is pretty fucking awesome. I love how the queue snakes around the open area and then finishes in the buildings. That's something I would love to experience in real life. A good flat ride or a well-themed gentle ride could have pushed this over the top to #1 in my opinion. I just wish I could view this beauty in-game. :)