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    Round Robin


    Round 4 | Match 2

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    (Voting duration: 120 hours)

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    "The Classic"
    by the Flying Germans (RCT2)


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    "Le RÍve Parapluie"
    by Heaven's Kitchen (RCT2)


    Voting Closed
    Heaven's Kitchen beat Flying Germans

    The Classic was made by Fizzix and Xcars. La RÍve Parapluie was made by Turtle, Wicksteed and AvaninneCommuter.

    Flying Germans vote count: 2
    Voters: Mr. Coaster, chorkiel

    Heaven's Kitchen vote count: 28
    Voters: Wanted, Goliath123, Silver Edition, Tolsimir, 5dave, Cocoa, mrbuckeye, Faas, Marino, MikaRCT2, wheres_walto, Pierrot, MCI, Mouse, prodigy, MorganFan, rct2isboss, Dimi, tyandor, BC(rct2), Ruben, Kumba, Shotugns?, In:Cities, trav, Jonny93, Xtreme97, Arjan v l

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    - Everyone but players belonging to either team in the match may vote.
    - We will check the topic frequently to update the vote counts.
    - Until your vote has been added to the count you may edit your post to change your vote.

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    Here's the second matchup already! Usually we want approximately two days between each matchup, but I want to make up for the waits so here it is already. Enjoy the parks and be sure to leave a comment with a vote!
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    wow :drool:
  • Ling%s's Photo
    Looks like two very different parks. I look forward to perusing these later today.
  • Casimir%s's Photo
    That looks like an AMAZING matchup. I think everybody involved with both parks can be proud!
  • In:Cities%s's Photo
    My God these are two absolutely gorgeous parks.
    Will definitely have to view these more in depth!

    Heavens Kitchen, I am speechless so far.
  • Ruben%s's Photo
    Wow! Looks like an amazing matchup, with 2 parks that are more or less the direct opposites of each other in theme/vibe. Can't wait to look into these parks when I have more time. :)
  • olddtfan51%s's Photo
    This is going to be a great match it will take a few days to decide this one.
  • Six Frags%s's Photo
    Wow, holy shit, I thought once I saw the overviews this was going to be difficult, but once I viewed both parks in game the decision was so easy.

    Le Rêve Parapluie definitely is one of the best parks this season and the atmosphere feels so nostalgic!

    I assume "..... ......." worked on this, and I must say his style really reminds me of an improved version of XCoaster (that's a huge compliment btw). I'm gonna do an extended screen review for this park because it deserves it, but I must say that theatre is so well done, it really is one of the best RCT concept executions of the past few years..

    On The Classic I felt let down when I viewed it in-game. There were some really good bits of rct in there, such as around The Raven, but the overall execution of the theming concepts was really flawed. I mean you have rides with the names "Peter Pan" and "Journey to centre of the earth" and they have nothing that really reminds me of the novels.. Just a ride that wanders through some generic landscape..

    Anyway, a more thorough review in my screen review later on, but Posted ImageI vote Heaven's Kitchen
  • Wanted%s's Photo
    Posted ImageI vote Heaven's Kitchen

    Gotta say...Heaven's are now my favorite team. Lijang, Monstrocity, and Le RÍve Parapluie are all in my top 4 this H2H. Well done.
  • Goliath123%s's Photo
    Posted ImageI vote Heaven's Kitchen

    At first id thought id be voting for the Flying Germans but when i opened the parks i was wrong. Parapuile was fantastic, some great ideas in here like the umbrella supports, the clouds for Rain-catcher are just a couple. The architecture was also fantastic, some amazing stuff in here. The circus with the slide cannon was nothing short of amazing, big props for that. And finally the landscape was different but it really worked well.

    Unfortunately The FG park wasn't as good as i thought it would be. The only really good area was the Wizard Of Oz but even that was let done by the terrible castle. Oh well, what can you do.
  • Silver Edition%s's Photo
    Posted ImageI vote Heaven's Kitchen

    It feels like, "Welcome to Wonderland" me.
  • Ling%s's Photo
    Both parks are absolutely fantastic. There are things I think could be better in both, but this is the first round that I cannot call my vote for. Will have to spend more time with the parks.

    Oh, and this:
    Posted Image
    is absolutely brilliant, for some reason.
  • Tolsimir%s's Photo
    Le RÍve Parapluie is the best park this year. So fucking awesome. I liked everything in it. Only complaint is the default support on the swinging coaster but whatever. I fell in love with it immediately.

    Posted ImageI vote Heaven's Kitchen

    The Germans park was ok. But it had nothing that really hold my attention. The book was a great idea but besides that it was more on an average level.
  • 5dave%s's Photo
    Le rÍve Parapluie:
    What a nice park this was! One of my favs this season! The entrance part with that little house that had this transition to the big factory world was awesome. The architecture was - as in the whole park - pretty damn impressive. Maybe a bit too megalomaniac for my likings but believable since it's a factory and all. You had some really cool ride ideas: Bumperellas and the Umbrella Chute ride were nice! What I didn't understand was that there was this dark umbrella factory and then there was the huge colorful complex which I thought was the umbrella factory? Was it the factory of his dreams and the dark one the real factory? I loved that wooden coaster - the rain catcher sculpture was badass! The layout of the ride itself was really cool too. Nice work there! All the details around the park were great - the umbrellas everywhere, the cinema and the circus interior! It felt like XCoaster, Tyandor and Emergo made this park as all their best abilities combined in this one somehow. This park was full of originality, charm and atmosphere! Thanks for that! Oh and that custom music! Lovely, just lovely.

    The classic:
    Way to steal my idea for a solo park! Haha! First off - the entrance was a bit awkward leading into the station of the B&M invert. Maybe it was a result of poor planning or the coaster was an afterhought - either way, just no. The coaster itself felt unfinished too with the support work being left out at parts. The Sherlock Holmes walkthrough was genius! I had the same idea with a crime scene walkthrough. Did I write those ideas down somewhere or did you hack my brain?! The architecture in the London area was quite nice although a bit too large - pity some of those buildings were empty. The horror area was nice too - loved the Raven (although it was pretty damn short) and the little details from Moby Dick and Frankenstein. The Jules Verne area was nice too although messy compared to the other areas. I liked the steelwork in this area but the other stuff could have been executed better. Lastly the fantasy area wasn't too spectecular either. The yellow brick road was nice but the Emerald city was a let-down. All in all a well crafted park that could use some work in terms of layouting and general ideas. You guys sure have bad luck this season. Pity you guys had to face one of the best parks of the season so far.

    Again thanks for a nice matchup - great work to all participants!

    Posted ImageI vote Heaven's Kitchen

  • Cocoa%s's Photo
    The Classic:

    By all means this was a decent park. There was spots of great architecture and detail, like the station for the Raven and the big glass roof in Jules Vernes. But for the majority of park, I felt like there was just a lack of detail. Bland buildings in the entrance (although I like the book), some really awkward bits (like the entrance for the flying monkeys, layout + colors for journey to the center of the earth), and some really mediocre bits (peter pan, some of the wizard of oz, the bits surrounding the raven's station, most of the architecture). I didn't understand every book reference, but this is the risk you take in a book themed park, that the theme might not be as clear as you thought. I'll give you some points though for accidentally putting me into your park, apparently I'm Back Alley Cocoa now (I think that Louis would be more fitting :p). This could be your best park, but a few pieces of brilliance in the pirate park maybe make that one a bit better in my eyes.

    Heaven's Kitchen:

    fuck fuck holy fuck shit balls. That is literally the coherence of thoughts going through my head right now. That is seriously, I am not joking, the best piece of fantasy parkmaking I have ever seen in the history of rollercoaster tycoon. Better than city of dreams, mala, etc. I am just so blown away by the quality of this park. First of all, its a beautiful, surreal idea that either is a reference I'm not getting or just some of the most creative parkmaking I have ever seen. The umbrellas are the perfect representation of the atmosphere of the park, which leads me to my next point. The atmosphere is brilliant. Every single square of this park breathes life and unwritten stories, every piece of architecture brilliant and wacky in the most amazing ways (it really reminds me of Myst, in the best way possible). I can't imagine the skill involved in making every building both beautiful in a strictly architectural sense, and then crazy and ridiculous and interesting in the fantasy sense. I can't even name all the amazing parts of this park, but I'll try: the giant circus, the humongous glass palace, the train station, the entrance building, the umbrella factory, the woodie, the architecture. Well, that was pretty much the whole park :p I can tell that this is a park I will be returning to visit every day for a year. This is my favorite park of the competition so far(sorry sea of sagas, fisch you know I love it :D) and possibly my favorite rct2 park ever, at least in terms of quality to size of park.

    I'm really really impressed by Heaven's Kitchen so far. They have been running this competition as it should be- the quality of each park has been better than the last. From a mediocre start (sorry guys), every park has increased in brilliance, and when you beat us with Lijiang, I thought it couldn't get better. I was wrong. I can't even imagine what you guys have in store for us next... jesus christ.

    Posted ImageI vote Heaven's Kitchen. no shit
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    Posted ImageI vote Heaven's Kitchen
  • Faas%s's Photo
    Mind = Blown

    Posted ImageI vote Heaven's Kitchen
  • Marino%s's Photo
    Well cup my balls and call me Shirley.

    Posted ImageI vote Heaven's Kitchen
  • Wanted%s's Photo
    Just spent another 30 minutes looking at the kitchen's park... I think this might be my favorite park of the season. :mantis:

    Well done! If it's the two builders that I think, then I am so glad you two worked together!

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