Park / [NEDC2 #2] Marrons Chauds


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    Goed zo.
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    Very Very nice simple but well thought out the track layout is great ant the scenery details really make this one special. :mantis:
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    Awesome. Small but awesome.
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    Awesome. Small but awesome.

    That's what she said.
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    Dimi this was a very good entry. I enjoyed it a lot. Especially the architecture was amazing. The coaster was pretty good too but the reason which let it a bit down for me was the huge concrete area under the coaster. I know its realistic but its not very atmospheric and dont fit very well with the greatness of the buildings in the front. But still very good.
    Congratz to your new design and to the second place of NEDC2.
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    This is lovely... :D
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    I was actually a bit surprised by this. The layout looked great, but the pacing is terrible. I'm not sure the purples, browns, and blues really compliment each other, and there's just not a whole lot on the bench at all.
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    <3 <3

    I love it a lot. The layout was pretty cool and the diagonal brake run was a nice idea and nice to look at. Furthermore the theming was awesome (!).

    Small and great!
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    Love the colors and the buildings. This wins the 'most christmasy christmas park' award.
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    I always love your work and this is no exception. Shame you didn't have time to expand the map, because the atmosphere would be unbearably awesome. Though I usually hate everything so cheesy Christmassy, you've done it so tastefully... The incredible colour scheme, the fantastically balanced detailing, the unusual but not unrealistic coaster, the language (like Glaubensunwilligkeit), everything. Cool how you used concrete underneath the coaster, without destroying the atmosphere. On a bigger map, you could get 95%. How's Golden Gate Park doing?
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    I'm loving the diagonal block section! Excellent work. I also really love the surrounding buildings. They have a very "cozy" feel to them.
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    holy shit.. i loved this!! The layout was compact and interesting and the colors on everything were so warm and inviting. Especially the path colors. They really complemented everything wonderfully. I think my favorite thing, as liam pointed out, is how the whole thing is sitting on concrete.. but you can't even tell.. they random bits of foliage and ice/snow in the middle of the coaster hides the concrete so well and just gives it such wonderful atmosphere. I will say i'm sad there were no supporting rides or a bigger map. This is wonderful, I would've loved to see it expanded.

    Can't wait to see the winning coaster!! all of these entries are unique in their own right. i love it.

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    Thanks for the comments everyone. I made this in only a couple of days and I never thought it would score design. Personally I wouldn't have voted design for this, I think it's way too small and only interesting from one angle, but I'm glad that you still seem to appreciate it so much.

    Liam: I haven't touched Golden Gate Park since the last update. It's not irreversibly dead though, but probably my Dollywood-inspired park will get finished sooner.
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    Nice little layout. I love stuff like this as you can tell from my vote. The pacing was a little fast but good none the less.

    I loved the architecture. The colours are great and gave a Christmasy vibe.

    Nice touch on the concrete underneath the coaster, interesting touch that works nicely.

    It's a shame this wasn't bigger maybe with a few more buildings and slightly bigger surrounding area. It could of won IMO.

    Congrats on 2nd place. So looking forward to your Dollywood park in the future, it's looking stunning.
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    I really enjoyed the layout and the use of diagonals here. I didn't vote design on this because the surroundings were a little underdeveloped. The architecture gave a good Christmas feel but the clash of the light blue and the red coaster was a little much for me, and I also didn't enjoy the concrete floor under the coaster.

    Congrats on a great submission nonetheless!
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    My issue was that with so much focus on the coaster, being what was mostly on the map, there was only one view that looked good, and thats the view in the map. Turn the view from the other angles and the coaster just doesn't look good. I know you can't get layouts to look perfect from every angle, but normally you can create a balance that gets a decent look from all sides. Oh and you have an inversion after your MCBR that is taller than your MCBR, that was a no no in my books lol.

    On the whole, this was a charming little release, which I felt was a bit lacking in content, combined with a small map, but it had great atmosphere and lovely architecture. It was very charming and colourful. Congrats!
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    This was great however I felt it was way to small and with a sub standard realistic layout my attention simply didnt last. I must say however that the architecture was absolutely beautiful, good job Dimi.
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    I really love the architecture, it creates an atmosphere that fits with the ice theme.
    The coaster's layout is gorgeous, it's so effective how it can create a thrill.
    I just love everything about it but the main problem is what AvanineCommuter said, I really don't like the concrete floor, it really doesn't the part, I would prefer a few small mountains. Overall, I just adore it so much! :D