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    comment below
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    Holy shit dude

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    Are these last two screens apart of the same map?
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    love the ticket window and that little corner planter.

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    Looks nice and clean. Nice choice of textures. Although.. a bit unsure about the ofsett diagonal building. Seems to become a trend. But does it also look clean? Otherwise perfect screen.

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    OK now you're just flexing

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    I love that half diagonal building on the end there, makes it feel so real. This is giving me major Raptor vibes for whatever reason, but kicked up like six notches. 

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    Would love to see how you did those midway game booths. Best looking ones I’ve seen in RCT. Crunchy
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    Is that a penis

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    Damn son this is the good stuff
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    Needs peeps

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    DH has a point, peeps will really bring this to life. Amazing work though, absolutely love it. 

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