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    Hi all,


    For those that don't know me, I used to frequent these boards a fair amount and occasionally release half a project. I also released a few objects that looks as if they're still being used which is great!


    For those that do remember me, this is what has been keeping me busy:




    I've been an employee of Merlin entertainments now for over a year as a designer for LEGOLAND Parks. My first big projects are opening this year at California (21-May), Windsor (23-May) and Florida (Summer 2015).


    I'll upload some pictures when everything is fully up and running, but it would be great if any of you live near by to go and check them out!


    After all its proof that I can finish a project!



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    Holy shit, that's fantastic! Yo. Actually turned RCT into a profession, in a way! :lol: Be sure to make a backup regularly, you don't want to lose this work... ;)

    Would love to see some pics.
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    That is incredible news! Cant wait to see some pics, plans/concept images would be even better ;) especially stuff that you've done yourself!


    I love me some RCTfan!


    But yes, like Liam said, make sure you save regularly and back up your save files, we don't want another Vampyre incident ;)

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    Let's hope there aren't any peep jams... Sounds like a pretty cool occupation, must be incredible to see your work opening to the public for the first time.
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    Dude that is so cool! My childhood dream was to be a legoland worker haha. 

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    Me again :)


    Thanks for all the kind words and I've made sure that all files are regularly backed up too.


    Just to let you know some of the things that I've been up to over the past year:


    Recently opened LEGOLAND Windsor Death Star exhibit:




    Soon to open LEGOLAND Florida Imagination zone:




    Its a shame I cannot share any of the lovely concept art that we worked on for all the projects i've been lucky enough to be involved in due to copyright issues. However I hope to open an attraction whereever you're based someday :)


    Keep the game alive guys!



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    Yay! Please keep popping back in from time to time! So good to hear from you buddy!


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