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    I'm following the trend and open a thread where I collect all the custom scenery pieces that I create.


    First I'll start with some tram objects:


    The rails are supposed to work with the look of the 'level crossing' rails from ORCT and provide diagonals. They are practically just the standard track pieces. Just like pathblocks they are at the top of their clearences so that they (supposedly) don't glitch with trains going over them. You can build path blocks into them, what will cause glitches though. I recommend doing working with some persepective tricks (i.e. building the path texture below).



    Attached File  rails.PNG (21.39KB)
    downloads: 47

    Attached File  TOLSTRC1.DAT (12.89KB)
    downloads: 8

    Attached File  TOLSTRC2.DAT (13.29KB)
    downloads: 7

    Attached File  TOLSTRAD.DAT (6.54KB)
    downloads: 8



    Moreover, I made some diagonal cables that complement the ITM cables.


    Attached File  cables.PNG (2.05KB)
    downloads: 50

    Attached File  TOLSCBL1.DAT (920bytes)
    downloads: 11

    Attached File  TOLSCBL2.DAT (1.06KB)
    downloads: 10


    Sample picture:

    Attached File  tram.PNG (179.72KB)
    downloads: 26



    Download zip-file (including objects from other creators that are useful together with these objects)

    Attached File (13.72KB)
    downloads: 14




    Lamp post


    A large 2x1 lamppost for traditional street scenes


    Attached File  lamp.PNG (4.17KB)
    downloads: 29

    Attached File  TOLSLAMP.DAT (17.39KB)
    downloads: 17


    Sample picture:




    Spanish balcony


    A small balcony as seen on many mediterranean buildings


    Attached File  balcony.PNG (7.13KB)
    downloads: 21

    Attached File  TOLSBALC.DAT (9KB)
    downloads: 14


    Sample picture:





    AC Unit


    A small animated AC unit object


    Attached File  acunit.PNG (3.57KB)
    downloads: 21

    Attached File  TOLSACUN.DAT (7.42KB)
    downloads: 16


    Sample picture:






    Hope you enjoy!

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    Holy shit, those cables and tram objects were just what I was looking for for Jazzland. I can't wait to implement those. 

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    These AC units look dope!
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    Those balconies are killer objects! Great work dude :) 

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    yeah those balconies are so useful, that has always been a tough one to do

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    I have updated the tram rails, so now they don't glitch when a train is passing over them. If you have downloaded the object files already please replace them with the updated ones!

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    My last park with Leon came with some new objects. Due to time constraints some of them were a little rushed so I upload here new (updated) versions.


    Shallow light path:


    shallow version of CC9 light path. In Rovinj there was an errorous version with wrong height offset in one angle. Here is the fixed version:


    Attached File  TOLSSP2F.DAT (10.16KB)
    downloads: 8


    Sample picture:

    Attached File  Unbenannt.PNG (52.39KB)
    downloads: 6



    Colourable large pine tree:


    The 2x2 pine tree was requested as a colourable object. Since the trunk consists of several colours I just made the leafs changable.


    Attached File  TOLSPINC.DAT (38.06KB)
    downloads: 5


    Sample picture:

    Attached File  Unbenannt.PNG (76.77KB)
    downloads: 15


    Radio Antennas (remastered):


    I also made two antenna objects for Rovinj but I think they went mostly not really recognized. So because of that I made them a little darker such that they stand out better.


    Attached File  TOLSANT3.DAT (1.08KB)
    downloads: 4

    Attached File  TOLSANT4.DAT (1.35KB)
    downloads: 4


    They are made that the go well with this post by Sephiroth as base antenna:

    Attached File  SEPHPOST.DAT (808bytes)
    downloads: 3


    Sample picture

    Attached File  Unbenannt.PNG (34.87KB)
    downloads: 16

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    Hey tols, can I get your waterfall objects?  I only have TOLSWF04, and I wanted to check out the other ones.

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    Download Rovinj i Plitvice for the original ones. Other players have made further versions during H2H which are mostly realignments. Look at Esoterra and Droomvlucht I guess for those.

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    I would love to see Schiff Wild Mouse Arches (with and without Nazi mouse on top of arches) like those:

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    I want those too

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    I dont know if you wrote it in this topic just because of my german flag, but I will try my best

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    he wrote on your page because you make custom scenery and he doesn't


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