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    Foliage Tutorial Series








    - Video 1 - foliage selection, introduction to grass object, primary foliage shapes

    - Video 2 - foliage with hills, introduction to secondary foliage shapes

    - Video 3 - foliage with cliffs, advancing secondary foliage shapes



    - Video 4 - foliage with architecture, foliage with path, critical trees, introduction to framing

    - Video 5 - intrinsic shapes, modern grass objects, finalizing secondary foliage shapes

    - Video 6 (soon) - foliage with layouts, easy color coordination



    - Video 7 (soon) - approaching foliage macro, advancing framing, planters that don't suck

    - Video 8 (soon) - historical examples, finalizing color coordination

    - Video 9 (soon) - stylized foliage that doesn't suck, how to break the rules

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    Oh boy, This is what we need!
    Can't wait to watch these!
    Thank you!
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    Thank you for doing this. Looks great!

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    Could you put them on youtube? :)

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    We can just put them on NE's server.

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    Yes, but we don't have a built in player.

  • posix%s's Photo

    Most browsers can just stream video files today. Else people would download them and play local.


    EDIT: @dirt they're 1-2gb in size? Please compress them.

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    Thank you for making this, I've watched the first video and it seems really informative. I unfortunately cant watch it all today cause i have an exam tomorrow but I'm really excited to watch the whole series

  • Coaster-GEOFF%s's Photo

    Damn, these episides are really great!

    Definitly need to youtube these.

    Also, you have a very satisfying mouseclick, haha!

  • Liampie%s's Photo

    First three videos are now on our Youtube channel, with dr dirt's blessing of course. Please like and subcribe. The videos are good.

  • dr dirt%s's Photo

    Awesome, thank you Liam; I'll look into compressing those video files, but may just default it to the YouTube channel.

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    Very nice. I can also help upload if needed. Could you guys please add the video hyperlinks to the opening post?


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