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    Just out of curiosity will this game still work in Windows 10 64-bit? I tried OpenRCT2 but was wondering if its still possible to play the way I had been playing it. The dat names in OpenRCT2 don't end with .DAT so I have no idea what I would need to redownload in terms of dats. I don't want to put all the dats I have saved on my external thumb drive into the "object" folder of OpenRCT2, because I don't know if that would screw things up or they just wouldn't get recognized.

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    Open will recognize .dat files yes.  It is only the base game ones that have a new file type.


    I can't think of any reason you wouldn't want to use OpenRCT2.

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    Okay. Under the new “object” folder, would it matter if created a new folder just for all the dats ai have? or would I have to divvy up the ones I have into the subfolders under “Object”? In terms of say the balloon stall, I don’t what the new file name for it is under “Object”, but under “ObjData”, I believe it was BALN.DAT. So would I have duplicate dats, which I don’t need, or would BALN.DAT overwrite the new file name?
    Additionally, in terms of the landscapes I previously created and saved in the Landscapes folder, what subfolder do I need to put those into on the hard drive?
    Sorry for all the questions, I’m just trying to get as much info as possible. I don’t want to lose or recreate all the stuff I’ve made and saved to my thumb drive bc the new game has certain differences per se. thanks again for your help
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    You can try to create a separate sub folder for your dats from the thumb drive.  I don't think thats needed though because you'll already have it separate on the thumb drive.


    I would just copy over everything and windows/rct will figure it out.


    Not sure about landscapes however, maybe just create one in OpenRCT and see what folder it saves into and put yours there.

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    Everything is up and running! I noticed something rather interesting, however. Some of the thrill rides like Spin Dizzy and Mystic Orbs, have now been categorized as gentle rides. Same for Amazing Earl's Sky Diver. The Hopper ride is now listed in the thrill rides.  


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