H2H9 / H2H9 Music in NSF

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    With the NSF released, there's the option to add music files as .parkobj to a park, so I went ahead and changed all the .wavs from the H2H9 parks to .parkobj and added them to the parks. Then I re-saved them with the new files and created a big .zip with all the parks and .parkobj files. Make sure to put the .parkobj files into your object folder (somehow they don't save yet with the parks like objects do).


    It makes viewing the parks a lot better imo, because you don't have to change the .wavs anymore!


    Let me know if it works for you guys!




    ps; The only .wav I didn't get to work was Nippon, so that one isn't included unfortunately..

    ps2; Papilio Valley, House by the Sea & El Dorado had .wavs, but they didn't function in the park, so I added them to a ride in order to make it work.

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    Went through the parks, and noticed I forgot to add Riverview Exposition and Cosmic Infection. I re-uploaded the correct .zip and edited the post above, sorry for the inconvenience.

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    this is so thoughtful! thanks SF!

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    Thx Sammy!


    I heard there were some updated versions of parks after the vote, namely Gladsheim and Papilio Valley, so I updated the archive once again. If there are more updated versions of parks, let me know and I'll update the archive.


    Also, if people still want to download the archive after the expiration date of the download (which is 30 days from now) just post here and I'll upload it again, or even better, shoot me a personal message!


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