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    I'm sure this has been discussed a million times but the 'search' function doesn't work for me.


    Been working on some things the last couple weeks and I open up LL only to get that error message. I've used the patches. Been using 4cars and codex with no issue until now.


    It closes the game about 5 seconds after opening a saved game and a little longer after simply starting the game at all.



    I've been real excited and found some motivation to play again and then this. Help me out yall.


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    Well hello RMM.


    This happened to me too sometimes after too excessive hacking. I believe it's a codex thing. I seem to remember removing and reinstalling the game helped. Hope you have good saves still.

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    Hey RMM,  been a while!


    posix pretty much nailed it.  I seem to recall having to do this most often after codex as well.  A reinstall helps but when you uninstall check the leftover folders for a .dat file left behind.  It may need to be manually deleted or the next install doesn't properly overwrite the corrupt .dat file.  It was not overly common but I would have to reinstall every once in a while during regular build sessions.

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    And the old wise ones come to the rescue. Haha thanks guys.


    I uninstalled the game and now I can't quite remember how I got in installed. I don't have the actual disks so I got powerISO and have the game mounted to the drive. I get this "cannot installl to //Winows0.o" or something similar. I messed around with the compatibility modes but I don't remember how to install it through a compatibility mode.


    Still messing with it.




    Just got it installed and I'm still getting 'data file corrupted or inaccessable'.

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    Did you make sure to export your SV4s somewhere safely, and otherwise fully removed every leftovers as Milo mentioned? It's possible you've bricked the save with too much codexing. Do parks from NE open?

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    Got it up and running. I don't know how, but I completely skimmed over the part about deleting the .dat file. There were a  few floating around and I wasn't sure which to delete.


    I appreciate the help guys. I'm looking forward to posting a screen or two real soon here.


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