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    I know this is probably a controversial opinion, but is there any possibility of a user optionally disabling ratings for future screens or parks? Frankly I don't want to feel anxious about how well a screen in a rollercoaster game will be judged. And I don't want to check a newly posted screen the next morning, get angry, and think "who tanked this?!"

    Yes, the site used to be worse to bad screens back in the past, but I don't think the attitude has entirely gone away, instead of being blunt or rude about a screen without providing constructive feedback, you can just anonymously give it a low rating out of spite.

    I would much rather build what I prefer, without being concerned about whether or not the annoying red bar will change sizes, and I'm sure there's a few people that would agree. The rating system isn't necessarily a bad thing in itself, but not everything needs to be solicited, and providing an option to disable it would take the pressure off of building.

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    Don't upload a screenshot here? You could do it on discord.


    I think the panel is trustworthy enough to adequately rate your park later. NE is about competition, but even that you can choose to not partake in by submitting non-competitively.


    I agree the screen ratings aren't ideal though. Not in my immediate power to change them.

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    It'd be a nice option, because I definitely don't want to miss out on your screens on the site. In the kindest voice I'd like to say 'please suck it up' :lol: I hope you can choose to continue to contribute while ignoring the scores, but I think your perspective is valid and you're justified in not participating if it bothers you. Some people just don't understand how to use ratings, either that or they're assholes. It'd be nice if our ratings system was more asshole-proof. Like posix says, it's not in our immediate power to do that.


    To the 0-100 voters here reading this: don't get me wrong, we WILL hunt you down. Just not right this minute. ;)

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    This is actually a fantastic idea. There are a lot of people out there that don't necessarily care about the score inherently, that being said it still does hurt to see a screenshot tank when it's getting a decent score ( I will admit I have done it before both on purpose and on accident and it's obviously not tasteful. I apologize for it, and have also gotten better about it.)  All this being said, I also do side with Liam when he says 'please suck it up' but only when there is feedback behind the vote.


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