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    I tried converting some of Chris Sawyer's Locomotion land tiles into OpenRCT2. First two of them, Snow and Brown Rock.


    I feel Snow looks better with a colour palette named "snowpallete2" out there.

    Brown Rock



    Enjoy the new terrains, drop them into your object folder

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    Today it's time for what I give the name "soil". In Chris Sawyer's Locomotion, when you build over grass, for a few seconds the grass will be cut away leaving only the soil. The texture is a darker mine/dirt land. Credit to Loius for his Ashecombe park below. Left field is the new soil, right is the old dirt land. image.png


    PS: ok why the image is like css fail xD

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    I think these are nice but the "brown rock" might be a bit on the too crunchy side for me.

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    this person has already ported some Locomotion textures

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    Ohh that's nice. Looks like they only start posting after my initial post but they're pretty much finished all Loco lands. Go get them there people as I'm slower than backward minimum speed limit

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    ZeeMaji here. I ported the dull grass, dry grass, and brown rock a few months back, but there's still a lot more to port as i've recently started to port the terrain surfaces from the industry objects (gravel from factory, concrete from food processing plant, tilled soil from farm, etc) along with a few updates for the terrains from a few months ago.


    I wouldn't recommend downloading directly from my github as object folders cannot be exported with parks, i'll probably make my own objects thread here once i'm done porting this new batch of loco industry terrain surfaces where you can download them all as parkobjs that you will be able to export with your parks no problem.


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