Grand Tour '23 / The Grand Tour '23 - Round 1

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    Round 1 - The United States


    The United States is one of the more easily stereotyped countries on Earth. And for a country of this size and with its natural diversity, some things are indeed remarkably consistent throughout. Yet, beyond the stereotypes lie many different regions, with their own cultures, habits, identities and symbols. The goal of this first Grand Tour stop is to shatter the stereotypes and zoom in on something real.




    In addition to the general contest rules, three objectives have been set for this round. The entries will be judged through a public poll, determining the degree to and manner in which you completed the objectives, as well as the overall quality of the submission.

    1. Your park must be set in or themed to a specific US state.

    2. Your park must feature an (large) event.

    3. The shape of your chosen US state must be featured in some way in your park




    Submit your park through a PM with Liampie, Xtreme97, posix and CoasterCreator9 as the recipients.


    Submissions are due on Sunday June 18th, no later than 23:59 GMT.

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    So ready for this round; I've got a great idea. Hopefully I have time!

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    ^ I hope you do! Looking forward to seeing some CC9 goodness!


    Can't wait for this!

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    For those who cannot name all 50 states (looking at you, RWE):

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    Can't wait for this!


    You better join at least one round!

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    Ombezi Basin 2: New Mexico

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    Can't wait to build a park based on Toronto, my favorite US State!
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    Available if anyone needs a support builder and has an idea I jive with. Probably not going to commit to an entry on my own though and possibly not at all until after the first week.

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    Definitely hoping to join! I'm going to be in Greece from Wednesday with no access to RCT, so I won't be able to jump on this one unless there's a decent concept that needs a final push over the line in the final two weeks I'm back.

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    The GT is too cool of a contest to just watch from the sidelines. I don’t have time to go solo but I’d be interested in partnering, with the caveat that I will likely not be the lead builder.
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    I'm interested in joining and partnering up on the basis that someone tells me exactly what they want me to build and where lol
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    anyone lf partner?
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    I'm going to be unavailable the very last week of building but would jump on a project with a teammate if anybody is still looking. I know I'm a newer face but I am flexible and learn fast and literally would lose it getting to build with any of you talented nerds. 

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    Hey everyone, I have an entry at like 30-40%. I'm looking for someone to help me finish it as I am pretty busy this upcoming week. Please let me know if you're interested. Thanks.

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    Really looking forward to this contest. I hope to get in an entry or two myself, just the timing of R1 was not good for me with work. Add to that, I am a South Florida sports fan, so spent a lot of time watching the Heat and Panthers games.


    Hope to duo with someone for R2 or R3. DM me if your interested.


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