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    Well, I'd like to show, for those who aren't in the Discord, some of the things I've made. Some of them got a good reception, others not so much. First are my three submissions to the weekly Building Challenges for the month of October.


    Last is an experiment in perspective which, while not entirely new, gives a slightly new spin on some old ideas. I apparently highlighted some of the wrong ones. The four angles idea with the covered up sides isn't new but I did manage to put a new spin on it. FK and Walto have done ideas with some similarity too, and there's also Fred and Jappy in The Diamonds of Antwerp with the comics page, and Cocoa's micro, Better Left Unseen, but from the examples I've seen, my version is slightly different.


    Well, hope you get some enjoyment out of these experiments. I've been rather preoccupied this last year and dealing with a short attention span. The other two things I've made this year, also small, but big enough to get released, are in my parks page. One is my MM 2023 micro and the other is just a silly idea I whipped up before that out of boredom and eventually finished later in the year. I was hoping for a festive release for Nano Room but I guess this will have to do. If you feel like it, you can open it on Festivus, December 23rd.



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    Cool stuff. I like the (window) lighting and shadow effects in Nano Room

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    I'm releasing my second Quad Painting here, Flight of the Ghosts. This time it's a silhouetted night time scene of ghouls and such. Since this is different from the first quad painting, I'll explain what a quad painting is. A quad painting is a scene, viewed from head on from four different angles but which is a four angled illusion instead of a real scene, using scenery to give a view that exploits the different angles. Nano Room, the first quad painting I released, is the purest form. It is fully different from all four views and each angle is covered up from the other three views. Before making Flight of the Ghosts, I tried to make an illusion of a coaster going up and down a hill using coordinated roto drops. That didn't work out well. Flight of the Ghost is the best compromise I could work out with a silhouetted scene where each angle disappears when you shift the view. I have two more ideas for simple quad paintings and once I've done those, I've talked to an admin and that'll be enough content to release them all as a set.


    I don't want to bore you with any more details. Here it is, Flight of the Ghosts. But be wary of potential surprises.Attached File  Flight of the Ghosts Ge_Ride.zip (2.29MB)
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