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    H2H bingo is returning! This time instead of guessing the number of squares that will come true, you can use the excel sheet to create your own bingo sheet based on a random selection of the options.


    You can find the excel template for the bingo sheet below, all you need to do to make your own is to sort the Random Number column by smallest to largest, which should retrigger the random number calculation. Then screenshot your card and post in the topic.


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    I'll post a list below of all the possible bingo tiles we came up with.


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    I will be sure to yap as much as I possibly can and shoot my teammates with eye beams for using more than one color so I can fulfill all your bingo dreams

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    Might as well do the number prediction as well I guess. I'll say 25/82 come true in the end.

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    Is there a google sheets version? lol

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    The collection is brilliant. I'm amazed you came up with all of these.

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    I say 35/82


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    Nice excel work!


    46/82 - like half of those happen every year, right?

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    Free square = Eclipse-themed park

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    yeah sadly i dont have excel :(

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    I'll work on a Google sheets version later if it works the same way.
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    If anyone wants, I can generate them a bingo card. Just means you can't keep generating cards until you get one you like

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    ill take a random one chorkiel!! cheers luv

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    I will take one as well! 

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    I'll take one too, thank you!

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    im gonna say 33/82

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    Y'all not using your free space? I say 44/85



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    Thank you chorkiel for the card!

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    For the total prediction, I'll say 34/82.

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    Finally got my bingo card too


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    i think i broke it but you get the idea


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