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    I'm currently adding a chairlift to my park in a rather tight space. I designed my chairlift station up against a fence, with the queue wrapping behind the station (between it and the fence) and the exit emptying directly into the path like you'd see in real life. Unfortunately, I've found that the chairlift always travels on the left side. This means, in my case, the buckets enter the station on the peep entrance side and leave on the exit side. Is there any way to reverse the direction the buckets travel? I know the buckets can eb reversed, but I want them passing each other on the right side instead of the left. Thanks in advance.


    Extra Note: I just tested it in a sandbox, peeps will cross over the platform, so I don't have to worry about the ride just being the turnaround. It'll function, I just want to know if there's anyway to reverse it for aesthetic purposes.

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    Well, that's an interesting question I've never thought about. Can you not just build the chair lift in the opposite direction though?

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    Reversing the track doesn't do anything. Think of it like a 2 lane road, no matter which direction you're going the cars are passing each other on the same side. I suspect the passing side was chosen because Chris Sawyer is from the UK. I think I subconsciously built this station expecting buckets would pass on the right (like I'm used to cars doing in the states).


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