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  • Whoops part of the list got cut off by going across monitors!


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  • Realizing a flaw with this game in addition to being a pain in the dick to make a prediction, is being a pain in the dick to calculate score.  so yall are on your own with calculating your scores lol.  Anyway here's my results: 


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    That comes out to a total score of 529.  I'm realizing that average number of draft positions error is much more informative though, and that number for me was 6.37 (divide score by # of all players that participated in the draft, which was 83).

  • oh this is a really fun one for me


    H2H5: Elementalists

    this was my junior year of high school and i vividly remember frantically working on Art of War while traveling on a trip to visit colleges. shortly before my first era in this community ended... hard to believe it was only three years and i've been back for 6 now.  


    H2H6: Heavens Gallery

    i came "back" around the end of my sophomore year of college but i didnt really feel like i was all that back as much as visiting.  i think i built for a collective total of 3 days in between the end of my college semester and traveling, after which i feel like i went awol again.  


    H2H8: Team Spacecrab

    super depressed dude at a job i hated, spending a lot of time working on music in my free time but feeling like i wasnt really getting anywhere with it.  signed up on a whim after not checking NE for years and seeing a facebook or instagram post.  kind of questioned why i was taking so much time away from music at the time but it felt right. also i had just emergency moved out of my old place due to constant water leaks, and was living at a coworkers house.  i remember building haystack in his basement lol.  winning H2H and open got me back into the game and getting to know people in the community.  funny enough talking to other gay people from NE was one of the first times i ended up questioning a lot of things in my life...


    H2H9: Scream Queens

    girl mode!  and my band had just released an album that had the most positive reception i've ever experienced, eventually leading to us getting signed and touring a lot.  and it was the end of covid lockdown with vaccines rolling out.  and I ended up quitting my job halfway through to run my recording studio full time.  kind of dropped off the earth again because of all this and wish i could have been more active, and i definitely take partial responsibility for us coming up short in the end. 


    H2H10: ???

    busier than i've ever been, playing 50-60 shows a year and touring the country, working on 30-40 studio projects a year and kind of again asking myself what the fuck i am doing signing up for this, but i cant stay away clearly.

  • ignore my accidental drawing in paint, i am very smart and can be trusted with roller coaster tycoon 2 

  • Here's mine! While I'm somewhat accounting for what captain might pick

    who, getting as close as I can to overall draft position is my most important goal, since choosing the wrong captain but only being off by a couple draft positions will add few points.    


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    EDIT: Updating this to add new sign-ups while also accounting for captain is fucking impossible but we're going to roll with this lol


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