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  • Thanks guys! I will look into the rock wall texture, and it's possible that I will increase the density of exotic plants as well...


    Although the flower collection seems a bit monotone for a botanical garden.


    Are you referring to the purple flower patches, or just how spread out everything is? The flower patches are purely ornamental, and a recurring visual motif throughout the gardens (that are much larger than this screen shows).

  • You always know how to make this type of generic parkmaking interesting and pretty, you add just the right amount of detail and character. The coaster being yellow is an example of that. One simple change and the entire thing looks fresh again.

  • Made a very nice push on Perenmoes over the past week, finished an entire corner which makes the park look much more finished when zoomed out. Some pretty sizeable and challenging gaps remaining, but it's giving me hope for a 2023 release. Every time I open the game I try to finish the smaller gaps, one by one. Inching closer towards completion. Whether I can get the large gaps done in time depends on inspiration and finding ways to translate my ideas to RCT.


    80% comfortably.

  • 2023 is shaping up to be a good year. We have two spotlights already, and Harry Potter got quite close to being number #3. What other spotlight candidates do we have?


    Nin and friends - SFMM

    Xeccah - Six Flags

    Jappy - Laguna Adventura

    J K - Pixar park

    Liampie - Perenmoes

    Andrew - Belle Isle

    alex - Age of Sail



    robbie92 - Jazzland

    WhosLeon - Legoland

    AVC - Agencia

    alex - Fairytale park

    alex - Cosmoworld

    Pacificoaster - Disneyland


    And this doesn't include Babar who will probably produce some more cool shit this year. We won't be able to tell until late December.


    What am I missing?

  • Wow, this is really cool! Would be even better with real water.


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