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  • Dambusters > Soda Jerks
    LHC > Hurricanes
    Jazzcats > Evergreen Gardeners
  • These kind of irregularities can make realism parks better, I like this one

  • I'm surprised no one has pointed out that this right click menu has nothing to do with the site, it's a browser thing. Microsoft Edge I think? You can ask them what this collections feature is, because I have no clue!


    For the rest, listen to Xtreme. You may want a clean install. If you know there's just a few corrupted objects (how does that happen?), you can also ask someone to send them to you. If you join our discord chat server (click the bottom right of this page) we can probably help you more quickly.

  • I saw your name next to the topic and figured that was only because you're the topic start, but you were actually the most recent poster... Blast from the past dude!


    What is it with old school players returning with kids nowadays? Turtle, deanos, J K... The list is not quite endless but it's still a trend lol


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