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  • Wow. I just cannot keep up with all the new objects. Please stop so I don't have to keep rebuilding things but also please never stop as this is a huge gift to RCT. I'm so conflicted lol. So amazing!

  • Always so inspiring reading all of these. Great trip down memory lane and very motivational.

    Design is indeed a hard choice.

    Long live NE. Great work guys.

    Also, V1 is like my ego personified sometimes… a side I’m not sure people should see lol
  • Just great work as usual. Thanks for everything!

    Great to see more light/lamp items, please do more. Are they path objects or small/large scenery??
  • Wow guys, it’s funny I was looking at this the other day and only just noticed the bump.

    Airtime LL feels a lifetime ago!.
  • Amazing, please keep going!


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