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  • What a match...

    Kudos to both teams, the level of detail in both parks was absolutely insane.


    I have tro admit, that I'm not a huge fan of the colour pallete in lost world. I get what you were going for, but it's just not for me. The rest was superb.


    Voted for aqua volta

  • This was a close call for me.

    Overall I think Drowned was just a tiny bit better.


    I agree with Magnus about the readme though.

  • Wow, great work cocoa...

    The nautilus sub is awesome.


    MCI - According to V1, I am one of MCI's biggest fans, and you know, to a certain extent, I am, partly just down to his determination to play in H2H. There has to be a record for the number of times someone has signed up and not been drafted. Can MCI finally get a chance to play? Prediction: R12 - undrafted




    You could add the fact that I'm 0/10 in Design attempts and cant score over 68% to save my life, otherwise it's perfect.

  • What you could also get:
    An incredibly unmotivated Lew that just can’t get into anything, resulting in just providing layouts, supports and a maybe a bit of foliage here and there.

    I guess my spot is taken then?  :D



    After thinking it through since V1 yelled at me to sign up the first time 200 years ago, I think I'm going to throw my hat in the ring.


    Type: player

    Game: Open RcT2 (NCSO)

    Availability: Limited. I'm workng 40+ hours a week while studying fulltime. Maybe I'll quit my job if I get drafted, that would increase my Availability. I am on "University-tour" from 13-16th of june and not available  to build before april 16th due to exams. 


    This is a bad idea.


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