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  • Fantastic presentation this season.


    Also, to the teams that lost this round: your parks were fantastic. I know it can be discouraging to lose when you pour as much heart, soul, and effort into a park as you all have this round. But it's still early yet and anything can happen, keep on building great things! I know I'll be looking back on all 6 parks for a long time.


    I'm also a little surprised none of the voting margins for these 3 matches weren't closer. Was expecting M2 and M3 to be neck-and-neck, with one park barely squeezing out a win over the other. But the votes had quite a bit of preference in each case. Given the quality of all 6 parks, it will be interesting to see if that trend continues.


    Looking forward to R2. 

  • Interesting discussion on the eclipse effect. It think it’s impressive, and to say otherwise is rather dismissive. Under the hood it might be straightforward and just “sequencing objects to change color.” But the effect is beautiful, fun to watch, and achieved its goals. Great job and congratulations on the win. Would’ve been nice to break up the wall of grey, and maybe help the levels of path feel more vertically offset, or at least be easier to visually read the verticality. Right now it all kind of blends and it’s not always obvious when path is on a separate level. Minor complaint though.

    EDIT Scoop, sorry your team’s park lost. I ended up not voting in this match just like R1M2 because Hell is just that good. The defeats this season have all be quite painful to see, and that’s a credit to everyone involved in making these fantastic parks. I seem to be in the minority but I would’ve loved to see you guys go hog wild into more chains, bone structures, hanging cages, etc. But that’s a very minor personal preference.

  • Ended up null voting. Honestly great stuff all around folks.

  • what the fucking fuck


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