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  • Nice round again! Thanks everyone.

    Themed to Thailand
    Thought most of these were super clever. V1 and TAP got a nice twist on the ongoing commerciallization in Thailand. Liked RWE's idea of themeing a waterpark to the country.

    Not a botanist so some may have gone over my head. Felt like most of these weren't very apparent. Or maybe not as apparent as I would've preferred. The Banana field in TAP was probably my favorite. But Coconut shores and Siam had a nice vibe with their foliage too!

    Quite bummed that most went for an excuse for duelers instead of cool duelers. Liked the one in Coconut Shores, but FK/JK really take this category!

    Overall fave
    My fave was probably TAP in achieving the objectives as for the park itself. Siam Park being a second. Really digged its vibe.

    Had a tougher time picking a third favorite, but went for Alex'. Thought he did well with the objectives but never really took the prize and I'm really digging what he's doing this contest. Such a consistent output of parks. Every time finding clever ways of fulfilling the objectives.

  • This was so good! Immediately reminded me of getting lost there over a year ago. Captures the university and the area well

  • Enjoyed this park a lot. Tivoli actually fits Utrecht very well so that made for a great concept. Your version of these buildings is very recognizable. You've been advocating playing for fun over scores a lot and you can always see it in your work. This park feels like the epitomy of that philosophy, so it would have been great to see you become a parkmaker with this park.

  • "Not too good with rides" "made this for practice"


    This could still win design.

  • Probably my favorite piece of the entire round


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