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  • I was just about to post here haha. Basically the same idea, laying out the 2023 maps on my radar.


    Laguna Aventura by Jappy
    Belle Isle by Andrew
    Pixar Studios by JK
    Six Flags Great America by Hydro
    Six Flags Vermillion by Xeccah
    Jazzland by Robbie
    Otter's Disney park
    Something by alex (Age of sail, blackpool or fairytale map?)
    Perenmoes by Liam (possibly?)
    Mulpje's fantasy solo map
    dr dirt's Building Challenge map

  • very nice work! love how dynamic the landscape is.
  • Yes, we only found out yesterday when I triggered the panel voting. Please vote on it as spotlight category and we'll work to change it.
  • Can't wait for this!


    You better join at least one round!

  • Ok, even odder.. When open LL and go to open the park it tells me invalid data. But when I open it by double-clicking, it opens fine. So strange


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