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  • Match conclusion
    Loneyl Hearts Club Logo Winner

    The poll is now closed. The final voting score was:

    29 > 21

    The Lonely Hearts Club have secured a vital second victory, putting both teams level on wins and blocking the Canes from a clean path to the playoffs.

    Bugs and Bots
    Millenium Discovery Museum
    3 nin 50 % 3 mamarillas 40 % 1 Camcorder22 10 %
    3 Kumba 40 % 3 Terry Inferno 30 % 1 Congoy 20 % 3 ottersalad 10 %
    7 total
    2.8 weighted
    10 total
    2.6 weighted
  • R3M3 is now up:


    R3M3: Lonely Hearts Club vs Hurricanes

    Match Thread

  • With round 2 complete, it's time for another update!


    Sambhava's Rest: This round saw a lot of concentrated and more accurate guess-work than Round 1. With LHC, Jens J. and Hex were both guessed correctly by over half, with FK coming in third, showing just how recognisable the landscaping and architectural styles of the map are. Overall a very strong set of guesses, with Robdedede tripping a few people up.
    Attached File  R2M1_Sambhava.png (69.95KB)
    downloads: 47

    Cirque Macabre: An interesting set of guesses here, with barnNID being the most guessed builder despite not being on the park at all. Six Frags is very close behind with almost 60% guessing him, however, so still quite a good showing. RWE, BelgianGuy and Babar Tapie were also picked up by a good chunk of correct guesses, but Coasterbill proved to be another hurdle.
    Attached File  R2M1_Cirque.png (71.42KB)
    downloads: 54


    Castello Altovento: A strong majority of 69% correctly guessed Jene on the map as a main builder. The next few guesses were less accurate though, with Bubbsy, WhosLeon, AVC, Suomot and spacek showing up in a number of guesses. 94SupremePosse was picked by about a third of guesses, and Mr.Brightside and Steve showed up in fewer guesses still.
    Attached File  R2M2_Castello.png (70.66KB)
    downloads: 52

    Valley of the Kings: Another strong showing with again 69% of people guessing a lead builder with dr dirt. Gustav Goblin shows up second in half of the guesses, so an overall good score for many. Scoop and Hobeon were less guessed but still decently so.
    Attached File  R2M2_Valley.png (70.62KB)
    downloads: 52


    Naam Chalong Suu Oom: Perhaps the most concentrated sets of guesses of the contest so far, and it wouldn't surprise me if it stays that way for the rest. A very clear trio of DKMP builders with good chemistry mean that the main 3 builders ballpitwarrior, Bluetiful_Monday and Congoy show up in over 70% of guesses. Interestingly, a lot of people also guessed Kumba as a builder. Perhaps a bit of a prediction of a H2H veteran and team captain lending his expertise to rookie builders? Regardless, it does mean that none of the guesses here got bonus scores, as bigshootergill shows up in just one guess, likely down to a small 4% share.
    Attached File  R2M3_Naam.png (72.06KB)
    downloads: 53

    Wawel Castle: Another very confident set of guesses here with Liampie showing up in three-quarters of them, and trav in over half and Thethrillman in almost 40%. As lead builder it was no doubt pretty easy to see Liam in the euro-realism townscape theme, and interestingly there were also a number of votes for MorganFan and ultro, perhaps as supporting guesses.
    Attached File  R2M3_Wawel.png (68.95KB)
    downloads: 100

    Standings Update: Round 2
    Attached File  Standings_Round2.png (12.64KB)
    downloads: 85

    After a very confident round, many people have added a dozen or more points to their totals and the standings see some shifts. AVC shoots up to first with 26 points (aided by two perfect guesses), trailed by Gustav close behind on 23 and In:Cities and Lilith who tie for third with 21 points. Seven people managed to grab a bonus point this round with perfect guesses, mostly coming from R2M1. Another fun tidbit to add is that thirteen people guessed the same combination of Kumba, ballpitwarrior, Bluetiful_Monday and Congoy in R2M3.

  • Match conclusion
    Hurricanes Logo Winner

    The poll is now closed. The final voting score was:

    19 < 36

    Well played Hurricanes on taking home a win against R1's top placing team with a group of late draftees who pack a punch.

    Wawel Castle
    Namm Chalong Suu Oom
    3 Liampie 80 % 2 trav 12 % 1 Thethrillman 8 %
    2 ballpitwarrior 32 % 1 Bluetiful_Monday 32 % 1 Congoy 32 % 2 bigshootergill 4 %
    6 total
    2.72 weighted
    6 total
    1.32 weighted
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