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  • Pirates! 2.0?
  • Transition of stolen artifacts:

    Fun idea if you'd ask me. The colors are a bit of an hit or miss for me, but I like how you just went for me. The coaster flows really nice and it all fits pretty well together. I like the details that have been paced out over a very good macro setting. That really keeps my attention.


    The Big Smoke:

    My vote for the best looking entry. I think you put a lot of energy getting all those elements together. The bloons, the archy, the water, it just works. Never understimate a good palette too. At some point it even feels H2H-ish to me.



    I like this take of (almost)NCSO. It feels very classic - in a good way. The farmlands work very well as surroundings for the coaster. The ropeway felt kinda forced though. I think it's the way how it's layed out - meandering inbetween the buildings. But still nice to see this take on a new ride.


    Adventure time:

    This entry really could keep my attention the longest. So much different stuff to see and it all looks very enjoyable. I'm usually not a fan of a park that consists of all small islands but this one could actually entertain me. Good use of half diagonals too, which I always can appreciate.



    Certainly the most interesting one. I really enjoyed the abstract visuals from this entry. Awesome mix between realism and fantasy. Sad to see you Julowed it, however that's the only possible way to do it I guess. Still one of the best entries.




    You forgot to add one thing:


    This is our park one week before the deadline

    Attached File  NE ProTour Bench 2021-08-12 11-43-28.png (552.06KB)
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    - Martijn

  • Most of it. Otter added all the path stuff, market stalls and the flowers

  • Ugh great match. Atama Yama was a nice idea. The themepark sections looked fun and the shapes of the human heads seem realistic. I like the references to the other teams here and there (the kraken-bar OMG). Made it fun to watch. The park seems kind of small overall but I think thats just my imagination.


    I think the SQ's are in very bad luck to go against Rajasthan because oh my god. Easily one of the best parks this contest. The level of detail and crunch is fantastic. Zamanidar has great interactions with the paths and archy. Must've taken tons of hours to build.


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