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  • This design is now released: https://www.nedesign...usket-reloaded/

  • 1. Leon: While I am still not exactly sure what's going on, just so much amazing parkmaking shines all over this. I love mass transit themes and the treadmills were so cool to see/figure out. The coasters were very creative, popping up all around plus a kinda dual element to them. The night sky silhouette was fantastic. A callback to your NCSO screen I assume? Still, I get the feeling it might have been a late addition, as I could picture it working better with a more dense pack of buildings and rooftops. Also would have liked to see the shadow fade darker as it creeped upwards. Still great tho. Congrats on four phenomenal micros and a possible NE (solo) contest win! 
    2. AVC: I was pretty sure I was looking at the winner when I opened this map. I LOVED the ice blue hologram grids to create a kinda fade off of the map. The storm too, just wow. Epic way to open the park. You also had a great feel and coaster too. Sadly, this might not be enough to win MM4 for you. Really sucks since I picked your park as best in the MM3 finals. Two trips to the mountain top and I hope you will keep climbing in the future. It was great to see you put these ideas on maps after hearing about some of them from our time together in H2H. Only by a hair did I vote Leon 1 here. This was an epic micro. 
    3. Walto: Honestly, I was pretty turned-off when I first saw your entry. I consider myself middle/lean-left on politics and don't like that guy at all. Someone so childish should not hold that much power. Everything is someone else's fault... all bullshit imo. Still, I have followed it like a soap opera since 2016. Sadly, I know the face of every name on your staff list, lol. After a few more views, I feel I have siphoned some pure RCT fun out of the entry. It was great work. Reminded me of X-Games, just the micro map squeezed it all in. Your interior work is amazing. The journal was great to see. Those are pretty rare these days, I can only recall a few others (planning to go back and look at my own that I did for DRC soon). Pretty cool to see your insight. Outstanding work and a solid exit to an incredible run of micros and catelog of work since H2H9. 
    4. nin: Feels bad to give anyone last place, but what a (finals) round... Your entry was outstanding. I love how you work some default objects into these creative setpieces. The ruined tracks were awesome and so was the verticality of the map. Great to see you run deep in this and that your style is alive and well.
  • cBass! Awesome screen. Great to see you still play RCT. Most of the community is on Discord now. A LOT has changed. Most people play OpenRCT2 and in the last year new track pieces and inversions have been added. Exciting times!

  • Babar Tapie: When I first opened this, I was very surprised nothing was moving. The time slip idea was great, just I was left wanting more detail and things to click. On later views, I found it to be like a travel postcard style, which I liked. The palette is great and the micro micro building was cool. 


    Otsdarva: I love the hacked coaster. I have seen a few of these, but this is the best. Excellent supports too. Maybe it could have been a little better if you shoestringed it to get the 4D seats to rotate on the turnovers? Can't say I was a big fan of the overall (brown, lol) atmosphere, tho the rainfall effects were great details. Loved the swinging lights.


    Narc: I really enjoyed everything you had on the map, just it was not very much. I like the train use and how it extended the map.


    So my entry... It takes quite a few great micros to win a contest like this. I don't like to use my best ideas too early. I decided to gamble here and try NCSO with everything RCT2Open allowed. I really had no direction and didn't plan on paper. I figured I could wing it. I was actually serious when I said my goal was to do something named for a letter I have never used as a park title before. E was one of 4 of my unused letters (Liam has 3. In a very sad Discord DM, we counted each of ours, lol). I went with Earth since it's that nice globe we all currently live on. At first I was going for a steampunk look, but then I decided that I really liked the cottages with balloons sticking out. I ran with that and then reasoned that all guests need balloons and then that the balloons need a purpose, so they carry oxygen... idk, yeah stuff like that. Made the late switch to a survival type theme... I think?


    Lesson here: Plan on paper before you build! Seems I am not that good after all and can't just wing a winning entry these days (but thanks to the few people who think/voted otherwise!). Also, you guys^ writing feedback... The community has come a long way and I am impressed how skilled people are getting at viewing and reviewing parks. It's great to see and a big reason why RCT work is getting to insane levels of creativity. 


    Great work Group! I wish you the best going forward! 

  • 1. Bubbsy, wonderful entry. I love that you themed to RCT itself by basing it on your interpretation of a default song. Awesome details too.
    2. Dr dirt, cute entry with a good atmosphere, but not too much else going on.
    3. Matt, very good work, it seemed like a simple build. Liked the underground coaster passthroughs. Very close between you and dirt.
    4. Lilith, very nice LL work, just it didn't seem like it had much more to it.


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