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  • Amazing reviews Liam! Great way for those who showed up later on to hear about the wild early days of what has become a classic triannual RCT event. Love the stats too and all the effort you put into this. Thank you!

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    I feel very motivated after H2H9 and H2HC and hope to bring back the most successful team in H2H history, the Hurricanes.


    Thanks for all the work and prep that has clearly been put in, very excited for this 10th edition of H2H!

  • Congrats on NE Spotlight! Just wow, I feel like this park dropped out of nowhere even though you have posted quite a few screens. Amazing how fast you built this! 
    From those screens, I was loving this park. Since a Disney World trip during H2H9 (which is 2021, just out of dedication I count years in H2H seasons), I have wanted to do a Slinky Dog Dash coaster, which you know since I told you and tossed you some suggestions on it when I saw you had it in the works. You really nailed it and the Toy Story atmosphere! The landscaping could have been a bit better tho, no Army men and you didn't have spare coaster supports loose on the ground in addition to the spare track. Outstanding work on that area, one of the most fun anyone can do and you did a wonderful job with it.
    Speaking of our DMs, thank you for reaching out to ask if you could do an updated version of the AT-AT in Star Wars by Xeccah, Xcoaster and I. That area came out so well. Another one of the coolest Disney areas you could pull and use here, so great idea to do that. Not much of an expert on the Star Wars areas in Disney, I did take a quick side trip from my family to check it out during H2H9, just didn't ride anything. Looks great tho! 
    You really did nail some of the most classic Disney rides. Pirates was so good and looked very true to the real ride, I just love that little drop! The music also adds so much! So awesome that you had it for key rides. Haunted Mansion was also very well done, just the indoor building should have been like 3x bigger, like on Pirates, but I get that was not needed and would take up lots of space. Peter Pan's Flight, also wow... Winnie the Pooh, Robin Hood, so many classic rides. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad too! Even Journey of Water was great. The facades all over were very solid and detailed, especially on Main Street USA. 
    Buzz Lightyear, I have mixed feelings. I think the look is great and fits the park, outstanding work on the station and the track interaction feels right. Love that most key rides in the park have a cutaway to the interior, but this one is very vague. I would have liked to get more of an inside look at this new ride. Also not much Q interaction. Got to step it up if you do this in favor of Space Mountain imo. 
    Not too many negatives I can list for this park. However, I thought the cake/castle was a little weak as the weenie. It just seemed to lack detail and atmosphere, even in its viewing area. Just a little too clean and simple for me. Same towards the end of Main Street. A parade scene could have helped so much there. Also the Jungle Cruise (yes I am disregarding that you renamed it, lol)... you know there's a full AE objects set that can go with it and where is that cool cave/ruin at the end of the ride? Sorry, but weak attempt there and the only ride I would give a thumbs down on your effort. Did you try to re-theme/brand it? idk, but, sorry I will not allow that, lol
    Overall, I really love the park. I think I am most amazed by how well it functions with 6,000+ guests!
    90/Yes. It was basically the RCT2 Disney park I have wanted to see for a long time.
    Kumba's Top 10
    1. Riverland by Fisch
    2. Rivers of Babylon by SA
    3. Busch Gardens San Simeon by Fatha (LL)
    4. Age of Sail by Alex
    5. Otter's Magic Kingdom 
    6. Busch Gardens Asia by Robbie
    7. Disney Earth Vancouver by Pants
    8. Belle Isle by Andrew
    9. Lonely Planet by J K
    10. WOMB by Mantis (LL)
    Almost top 10: Gorna Lund, Ancient Worlds, Sea World Atlanta, Riverview Exposition, Universal's Outrage, DAW, Storybrook Glen, CQQ, Washuzan and Starpointe. 
  • Amazing park Andrew! The path design is the best ever done, hands down. Love the static peeps to keep the atmosphere alive. Then all the details and curves, just a perfect job of using path in a creative way. Plazas, hubs, ect... I loved that. Landscape is outstanding too, just details everywhere. Great job on all the backstage details, always a fan of that.
    The architecture is next level. Insane amounts of details there and all done so well. My only issue is... it gets repetitive and almost seems reused a bit on each building. So much ornate white trim and mostly the same castle style roof in brown and peach. I get that the park has a single theme, so I see why you kept with this style. Zoomed in I still enjoy each bit of it since the quality is insane, just zoomed out, it feels a little over-done.
    All the custom flats were outstanding and pretty much done to perfection. The coasters were great. Magician, love the tower on it and the launch/loop opening combo. Blitz was my favorite coaster in the park. Just flawless interaction with the car ride and its own Q, loved it. Turn of the century was great too, as was freefall. ERR was a nice duel and a coaster type we don't see very often these days.(Windjammer inspired I assume?). It was really good, I enjoyed the accurate kitchen skink of supports used on it, lol. My only issue, the Q, where I think you could have figured something better out for a duel. Whiplash (Mean Streak inspired?) has a solid layout and great placement, just idk about using that support set, especially the diagonal ones that don't line up right. Overall, a great lineup of coasters for this park, which is clearly a throwback. I would have liked to see at least one modern coaster (and maybe you had one, I am not up to date on coasters to be honest), but I get that might go against the overall park theme.
    Antique Cars was my favorite ride in the park. Love the gas station... station, lol. Paradise Falls was brilliant. Love the duel station! The indoor rides... sorry, this is where my score dropped 5%. I know it would be a lot of work to do full interiors on each ride at the level of detail you have in this park, but I think it's a must to create a fully finished/though out park. Still, no one does interiors, not just you here. I mean, Stardust Jubilee was a full interior design/park/space thing and that was on an H2H deadline. It can be done! You could at least do cutaways. For me it's a big missing piece of the park that could add so much. 
    Overall an amazing park. Reminds me a lot of Luna Park by Alex. A park paying tribute to the past and doing it amazingly. Just I tend to prefer modern parks. Still, I really respect what you did here. You did it at the highest level too, scoring an epic 97.5% which is phenomenal. Congrats on NE Spotlight and NE Parkmaker! 


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