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  • DACRACK:  Why don't you tackle CF Cedar Point next?!?!

  • Hello again, X7123M3-256!  How've you been?!


    Why I plan to recreate the standard base tile sizes (1×1, 2×2, 3×3, and 4×4) is to help me size my flat ride and scenery projects down to proper in-game scale size for OpenRCT2.  There'll also be 3×3 size patches for the various land and water types employed by the game.  Notice that there are (currently) 4 colored land grid styles (red, green, yellow, and purple), along with the customary white/black checkered chessboard pattern design, for us all to use.  Wouldn't it be great to use these useful patterns with various other colors and combinations (like, for instance:  a blue-colored land grid pattern, or a green/khaki checkered chessboard pattern)?!?!

  • COOBER PEDY OPAL MINE TRAIN:  A 4-seater scenic inverted track coaster (NOT the more famous B&M inverted looper, though).

    THYLACENE (TASMANIAN TIGER):  An S&S/Sensei (the successor company to Arrow Dynamics) multilooper coaster.

    HOPPING KANGAROOS:  A themed Techno Dance/Jumping Frogs-type thrill ride.

    FORSTERS & CROCKERS COMMISARY:  A themed food-and-drink court-style restaurant.

    HOPPY'S FUN ARCADE:  A midway arcade with fun games and attractions.

    TUCKER SHOPS:  Food-and-drink stands scattered throughout BGDU.

    TORRES STRAITS HOBIE SAILBOATS:  A Hobiecraft raft ride along the Torres Straits.

    MELBOURNE WORLD CUP:  A steeplechase-style horse racing-type ride.

    TAZZY DUSTER:  A very wild spinny Tilt-A-Whirl!!


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