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  • Awesome write-ups Milo. Love reading these.

  • That looks so good BarnNID! Loving this project. 

  • Very honoured, proud and grateful for Porto Encanto getting spotlight and earning the status of NE Parkmaker. I want to thank Gustav, AvanineCommuter and Xtreme97 for all their help and feedback! Their feedback together with this community and its culture of constructive feedback helped me to keep motivated and to push this park past the finish line. Thanks to Josh for providing such an amazing logo. Also, thank you everyone who has send me PM´s and have been kind enough to leave comments. I love reading those. I´ll post some background information on the building process later on.

  • Such an amazing screen. Beautiful composition and details. Who doesn´t love giant flowers. 

  • This screen is so hot I can BBQ on my laptop. You are such a fireball. 


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