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  • Thank you otter for the lovely colored team names from the last wrap-up <3


    XX.) Sambhava’s Rest (LHC) (too biased to rank this one lol, but still really proud of the end result!)


    1.) Bugs and Bots (LHC)

    2.) Void Extraction Research Base (JC)

    3.) The Yards (EG)

    4.) Valley of the Kings (SJ)

    5.) Yucca Desert Park (SJ)

    6.) Constellations (LHC)

    7.) Lostileth (H)

    8.) Radio Park Tbilisi (TD)

    9.) Castello Altovento (JC)

    10.) Millennium Discovery Museum (H)

    11.) Hell (SJ)

    12.) Cirque Macabre (EG)

    13.) Troubadours et Baladins (EG)

    14.) Naam Chalong Suu Oom (H)

    15.) The Sailor (TD)

    16.) Institute of Extraordinary Biota (JC)

    17.) Wawel Castle (TD)


    Quality is very, very high in general. Y'all getting crazy good

  • Void Extraction Research Base

    Holy hell. This park is bonkers. Took me a minute to realize what exactly the plugin did besides the sounds but man that void sprayer is sick! The car colors randomly changing throughout the coaster layout is a neat touch too. If I had to summarize this park in one word, I would totally say "elevation". Everywhere you look, the screen is filled with content from lovely and bizarre looking landscape at the bottom to the nicely shaped buildings up top (and capped off by the awesome looking space stations high up).


    Attached File  Jazzcats Pic 2.jpg (150.15KB)
    downloads: 13


    There's so many details I love about this park so I'll just name a few:
    - The void stamper if that's what you would call it haha.

    - The test subjects scene

    - The sucking up of "void"

    - PIPES! You're a legend Spacek

    Besides that, I also really liked the landscaping! The effort put into blending the various rock layers with such diverse colors into each other so well has to be applauded. Bravo Jazzcats!


    Attached File  Jazzcats Pic 1.jpg (212.41KB)
    downloads: 15


    The Yards

    Holy hell x2. Music is bangingggggg. The rest has to be lying to themselves, this track really adds to the vibes of this park. I could totally see myself having a blast on that party boat. Just as the Jazzcats' park, The Yards also has tons of elevation. What I was more impressed by though is the perfect implementation of half diagonals into the park. The half diagonal "Castaway" sign and the boat go hard and all off it fucked with my brain so hard that I still have trouble convincing myself that the train bridge is not half diagonal haha. Crazy stuff.


    Attached File  Gardeners Pic 1.jpg (106.42KB)
    downloads: 18


    Just as V.E.R.B., this park also deserves a list of details I loved (as there were plenty):
    - Timing the conveyor track with all the buckets to the windmill objects is a lovely touch. 

    - Amazing interaction moments between the coasters

    - The silo and utility truck scene

    - The Cheese and Wine building entrance, phenomenal execution here


    Attached File  Gardeners Pic 2.jpg (61.83KB)
    downloads: 16


    This was the hardest match yet for me as this is currently my top 2 for H2HX. Great work from both teams!

  • Bzz bzz bzz
  • The Sailor

    Talk about unexpected turn of events! Thought this would be a really pretty, calm and serene park when looking at the opening view but scrolling down kinda shocked me haha. Interesting aesthetic for sure! Music is hot af. On micro level this park is filled to the brim with details, hats off for that. There's some really well-crafted buildings in the lower levels, especially near the dock.


    Attached File  Dambusters Pic 1.jpg (385.06KB)
    downloads: 78


    I will say the quality of the buildings did feel mixed throughout the park. Comparing the above buildings to the ones below for example, seems like some just had more time to cook on the stove than others. Same with the lighthouse and the almost sandcastle-esque buildings below (which are gorgeoussssssss btw!).


    Attached File  Dambusters Pic 2.jpg (210.07KB)
    downloads: 98


    Ships are looking really nice and I absolutely love the send-off scene! Besides that, the composition of the Sundowner building is breathtaking imo, just really nice usage of height, colors, objects and movement. Solid work Dambusters!


    Attached File  Dambusters Pic 3.jpg (351.66KB)
    downloads: 115


    Yucca Desert Park

    The crunchhhhhh I mean c'mon now... look at this beauty:


    Attached File  Soda Jerks Pic 3.jpg (126.57KB)
    downloads: 119


    Josh really killing it with the new objects for you guys, kinda jealous, I had a good laugh about the dancing aliens scene haha. In general, there's a tonnnnn of detail put into this park, just to name some scenes:
    - the rodeo bull (Yak works really well here!)

    - the stargazing scene

    - the peeps swimming/canoeing in the (pretty filthy) lake

    - loved the lil' spaceship vehicle ride, just like those coin-operated ones irl!

    - all the vehicles in this park, especially the yellow bus which looks sickkk

    - the gold panning ride

    - the shooting gallery


    Attached File  Soda Jerks Pic 2.jpg (95.18KB)
    downloads: 90


    The plugin is such a neat addition to this park! I loved seeing it all play-out in-game and the effects created are awesome. If it wasn't clear enough already, I'm a big fan of this park. The right amount of gimmicks/wow effects combined with clean aesthetics and great execution. Well done Jerks! 


  • Jazzcats vs. Evergreen Gardeners:

    AVC, AJ & Suormot (9) going up against barnNID, Fisch, Coasterbill & Lurker (8 ).


    The Dambusters vs. Soda Jerks:

    cocoa, hoobaroo & MorganFan (8 ) going up against Ethan, Ziscor & Gamma (8 ).


    Lonely Hearts Club vs. Hurricanes:

    [REDACTED] going up against Terry Inferno, CC9 & Jappy (6).


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