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    Congratulations on find # 2! You've found City of Dreams by x-sector, mantis, and Toon. Originally known as "LOS (yes...the same LOS) Map 1", the three of these tremendous fantasy parkmakers buckled down (especially x-sector) and finished this park, creating possibly the best, and definitely most insane fantasy park NE has seen since Mala! Taking two different themes....dreams and cities, and merging them together was the genius idea of mantis, and the final product is something I couldn't be more proud of. The latest New Element Collaboration, and the first one to ever win the coveted Spotlight crown. Great job to the three of you, and great job to everyone else on your find.

    City of Dreams Hint Re-Cap/Explanations:
    Hint #4
    "There's something fishy about that page"
    Location: "Adix" on the About Page
    Reason: "Something fishy" as in the Pufferfish (Adix' H2H team)..."about" as in the About Page.

    Hint #5
    "The very first on a very long list"
    Location: "RRP" on The List, Sea World Atlanta entry under 'Maker Name'
    Reason: "very first"...SWA being the first on The List..."very long list"-self explanatory

    Hint #6
    "A trip through the Hall of Fame...reveals a staged death"
    Location: "Makaveli" on iris' parkmaker page, under former names
    Reason: "A trip to the hall of fame" as in the Retired Parkmakers List/Hall of Fame..."staged death" as in Makaveli, who I named myself after...the famous person who staged his death supposedly
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    Oh my god. I haven't looked at it yet... But just the combination X, mantis and Toon makes it something I only though existed in my dreams. Despite the fact that I haven't opened it, it's my favourite of these hidden spotlights. :|''''
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    what's up, here. Damn, I had to think back, when harakiri... Yeah.
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    One word...

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    these screens of the pakr look so good but yet again LL. :'( .
    guess i should buy it.

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    Whoa, it was even better than I had expected.
    Other than all this amazing stuff that hits you directly as you look at the park, such as the balloons, the buddha statue, the tech city cores, the landscaping (somewhat extreme elevation changes, yay), insane coasters, colours, I love those subtle details, like the space cars in NNYC. Genious, all of it.
    I'll probably write more later, when I'm less awe-struck.
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    Geez, you guys are FAST.
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    Very nice, there was me saying nate's was a little repetetive after a while so you get a little bored. Calm down guys! lol. The skill that went into this park must have been immense. My favourite area was San Fran. This was perfect because it was not overdone but is interesting all over. The golden gate bridge was fantastically done. Incredible overall, well done all 3 of you.
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    Wow. Some amazing ideas in this park produced by a Godlike combination of parkmakers. Amazing work.

    Metro B)
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    Geez, you guys are FAST.

    Thats sitting at your pc for 4 days straight that is :)
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    I can't believe this is done already! I guess it was in the right parkmaker's hands! Well done X!!!!!!
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    this just in...this park has been BANNED in the middle east, due to the bright colors, godlike amount of skill exhibited, glorification of drug use, and the fact that the entertainers are not wearing burkas.
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    I'll comment on Mantis and toons area as I haven't said to them really what I thought.

    Toons area: well I was wondering what he was cooking up then I finally got the park and was blown away. I seen his creative shit in RCT2 but never LL. first thing I saud to myself and iris was I never knew how amazing and creative toon was with LL. Lost horizons was a great invert and that budda now thats a sculpture and a half. the little hacks he did with the coaster track for building was great and also stacking those tiny gongs over the invert where it passes under the path.

    Mantis area: Drugs are bad for you mantis :). The area was great I personally liked it more than my areas :) but I just love mantis stuff. Automatic high was so fun. hydroshock was a very long but great ride and the hydroshock dryers put a smile to my face when I saw them. the whole theme of city on drugs was a great idea and the whole area had this fun look about it. great idea on keeping it a city theme throughout.

    just a little about my areas NNYC was based on the cartoon futurama and the woodies where inspired by the awesome mala. Tech City has always been a them I wanted to do but it never looked right until now. it was aso taken on this idea from the matrix about machines running the world. and SF 2050, influnced by Fathas great Miami 2040. I had a week to do finish this park and I wanted to put all my detail into Tech City and so I wanted to do a theme that was alot quicker and easier to build. also i went to SF at christmas and whated to do and area on it so I decided to do it in the future than in present day as I think I would of had to put more detail in it if it was the present day.

    Thanks to iris for picking me to be part of this callabo and for asking me to finish it off for him. Also mantis and Toon for doing each an incredible area that I love.
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    This park was well done. I enjoyed most of it. I think that it looked a little odd, though.
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    Well, having now looked at the final product, I can't believe how much real quality work X did in such little time. Quite unbelievable really. Still like your first area (NNY) the best, but the rest is still fantasmical. Mantis' area is my second fav and thanks again to the bug for finishing off the last little bits of my area.
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    Half the park in a week... to be exact.

    Any more proof of why X is still going over Fatha next round (for me)? LOL
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    *gasp!* Its so realistic its beautiful! :D
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    OMG, that was just amazing. Every section had so muchh detail, and just looked so cool.
    My favorite part was that Golden Buddah, that was cool. :D
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    Wow... just wow... :|''''