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    BOOOOOOM! I waited forever for this. Be back later to comment.

    'Grats Dave!

    EDIT: So, yea, very deserving of the gold. To me, its like a clash of the old semi-realism with todays realism that works to perfection in this park. The coasters were great, architecture was good, theming was excellent, foliage was fantastic. To me, this was deserving of some spotlight votes.

    Custom woody supports=win
    Vekoma motorbikes=win
    The beemer flyer=excellent
    Intamin Accelerator=perfect
    Overall park=awesome, congrats dave :mantis:
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    Simply Amazing. I really enjoy the B&M Flier. Great job Dave
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    Makes me wish parkwars was still around :p
    Really great park Dave, I'll give a better review later.
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    I wish I could play RCT2 but error (t)ripper is fucking annoying.The screens look promising.
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    Wow, what a nice park! This one has a really old school feel to it, something that doesn't happen around here much( well, maybe colby's work)! I really liked everything, except for the supports on the woodie. They just didn't do it for me. I loved all the layouts, though. Congrats, Dave! :mantis:
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    I can't believe this ever got done. It might be like 5 to 6 years old but it's still as beautiful as ever. Too bad you didn't actually add too many new areas though. :( I'd have loved to see some new ones. But the one you added last is absolutely amazing and soo is all the other stuff. It's just full of creativity.
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    your coasters and there interactions are amazing 5dave, beautiful work!
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    I looked at this park multiple times and still found it cool. Also, if anyone wants the older parks, I found them here: http://www.rct2objec...um__10__st__200
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    Wait, the RCT2 Object List has parks now? Hmm, I'll look into that. Looks great from the screens, downloading it now (10MB, huge file) (Hmm, that's odd, It keeps failing 9MB in... I'm on my 3rd try already...)
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    Tis a shame this park hit the Object limit, because it was so bare in some areas, but that can never distract from the ideas presented here.

    My personal faviorte area has to be that grave yard. The fact that the 'coffin' trains float up is just awesome.

    Dave, this is one of my personal faviortes now. :mantis:

    Congrats on the gold!
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    This is definitely one of those old school RCT2 that really reminds you how superior the game is than RCTLL; 5Daves you just craft things so well into rather fluid park. Bravo (that being said, still....RCTLL 4 life!) - Vertex
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    What a pleasure to look at! I think this park is huge in the fact it represents the gradual change in your style and how good you’ve gotten. Your layouts have always been good and themed well and you are just a fantastic player. Now you’ve gotten this bad boy out there, I can't wait to see some more contemporary stuff from you as you’re one of rct2s great players!
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    This is definitely one of those old school RCT2 that really reminds you how superior the game is than RCTLL

    No it didnt in the slightest :p

    I shall comment on this when i get time to go over in detail but the brief look i had earlier was pretty epic dave. Well done.
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    Glad this is finished and presented here at the page. Thanks Gee, Posix, Marlin and all the voters!

    Also thanks for the comments so far, guys - keep 'em coming! :)

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    Congratulations for finishing this, just got around to looking at it.

    I thought the Blox area was really interesting, not my kind of thing at all but it sort of worked in a park like this..

    My favorite area was probably the wild west area, always been a sucker for those, although a different coaster type might have worked better... but then it's your park, that's what makes it so good.

    Did you hit the object limit, or just lose interest towards the end?
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    ^I hit the object limit after I finished the last area. I wanted to do some more stuff around the outskirts of the park, but there were just too many objects used. How did you like the Shady Bog area?

    Thanks for the little review!

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    No more thoughts?
    I was expecting a little bit more answers... :-/

    Come on guys! ;-)


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