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    Looks like a massive improvement on the first layout you showed me. You should link to the image here to show what this came from. I cant see this ingame but from the screens it looks very wild which is very fitting for a mine train. Great work on surrounding elements as usual but i've come to expect that from your releases. Good work.
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    I simply loved this, I can't go in detail right now but this is just my favourite design ever, I think Kumba has got some very good competition when it comes to the award of best design...
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    Incredible. One of the best things i've seen in a long time. You're getting dangerously close to RCTFAN here, and that's saying something.

    The textures are for the most part fantastic, a couple of things I would have done differently, but since when does anyone want to hear about that on a release!? The layout was brilliant, really nice use of diagonals, which are incredibly hard to theme properly, but you did a really good job. The land textures and foliage are so perfect, exactly what the place needed to calm things down a bit next to the intricate architecture and bright red coaster. Really great work on the paths, I liked them a lot.. The fencing was also fantastic. Often glossed over, but this supports the area perfectly.. giving a sense of theme park realism to an otherwise fantastical land.

    The area around the first drop really reminded me of Indiana Jones at Disneyland Paris, excellent job there. The architecture will be as close as we get to x-sector in RCT2, in my opinion.
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    this is nuts... everything about this is solid and %100. The slight overgrowth in places is perfection. I dont think i need to say anything about the layout besides WOW!
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    This was beautiful. The use of textures was so immense, I looked just at the overview for nearly 30 minutes trying to figure out everything that is going on. I can't wait to open this up in the game. This is looking to be the best design of the year, if not the game.
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    I liked this as much as I like all your work. Really good stuff. The atmosphere was really unique, which I always appreciate. The layout was elegant and interesting, and I really liked the colour combination there, made it stand out in a great way. The architecture was amazing for the most part. Though, in some places I felt a few texture combinations and object placements were a bit hit or miss, like the diagonal structure behind the station which the coaster went through and above, I never really managed to figure that geometry out. I also was unsure on the bright brick path combined with the brown dirt path, the contrast was maybe just a bit too strong there for my liking. But all in all, the high score reflects the quality shown here well. Now keep up the productivity and top this with DP!
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    ^^^yeah, i'd like to know what was up with that too.
    ^^idk, i think Kumba is still the #1 of the year, but this is a close second. I loved everything here JK, if I were a panelist, an easy 95% vote at least from me. The layout is uber-sweet, the idea is awesome too and executed perfectly. It has a great atmosphere and I swear your archy is the best in the community. Great work.
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    I really like that!
    The architecture is freaking awesome and I really like the Layout.
    Great Work!
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    ^^^yeah, i'd like to know what was up with that too.^^idk, i think Kumba is still the #1 of the year, but this is a close second. I loved everything here JK, if I were a panelist, an easy 95% vote at least from me. The layout is uber-sweet, the idea is awesome too and executed perfectly. It has a great atmosphere and I swear your archy is the best in the community. Great work.

    I thought that the layout was a bit too simple and sub-par compared to all of the detail given to the surroundings. Combining that with a level of architectural detail which sometimes descended into clutter is how I arrived at my score. As a part of a park, I'd say it is great. But as a stand-alone design the coaster is too simple and there is too much going on everywhere else for my taste.

    Fortunately I'm not the only panelist and seem to be in the minority here. No hard feelings, it just wasn't my cup of tea. Congrats, JK!
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    i don't really like how john was called out. just cause you like it doesn't mean everyone should. loved this, J K. hopefully a more dynamic coaster type next time to really fulfill your potential!
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    I'm glad some one called John out to be fair as I was curious. That said the man has an opinion and he is in fact entitled to that. Hope my next project impresses you a lot more.
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    Congratulations on this, JK. On first impression it really does look excellent, which is a great thing because I was immediately blown away obviously.

    I'm going to give you a back-handed compliment: Your architecture skills are amazing, but some of your textures BLOW. Sorry, I just see such great forms and detail only to be ruined, in my opinion, by textures that look like they don't even belong in this game. The stones in the dirt path (although a nice idea) look like they are from Zoo Tycoon. The diagonals are used so well here but I feel like a lot of the textures they come in tend look awful when used in bulk, although I guess you can't be penalized for that.

    I also agree with John that I was not blown away by the coaster layout, which is what should happen when you earn a Design award. I feel like this won simply because it just happened to be an okay coaster in an incredible area of a theme park.

    However, that double lift hill is sick. First thing that caught my eye and for good reason.
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    Nice release, JK! Definitely my favorite fantasy release all year, SFC being my favorite realistic release. The coaster had wonderful interaction with the scenery, and the ride never slowed down, it kept it's power and speed throughout. A very well deserved accolade, and congrats on the second highest scoring Design ever! :mantis:
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    wow, what a beauty! some amazing architecture. for me it had all the things that ilmenite did well without its problems! i see what you mean by new objects, not sure how big I am on all of the spirey bits but nevertheless this was some incredible architecture, especially that station. not that was the best station ive seen in a while.

    what was that one big ditch for though? was it an animal enclosure?
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    nice design jk. i like the coaster trains and track. the theming is great. good archy and nice layout. all around solid design. congrats. you should now focus on building a park imo.
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    If you haven't noticed yet, JK is building on a park for a long time already, lol.
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    I'll tell you what.
    This looks like the twisted love child of these 2 coasters :)

    Nitro - Dennlys Park in France
    Posted Image

    Gran Monserrat - Parque Espana in Japan
    Posted Image

    Posted Image
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    you should now focus on building a park imo.

    we have a us a winner right here :lol:

    Anyway, I found this enjoyable but unfortunately I feel you're starting to fall into a stylistic rut. While the architecture and landscaping was fantastic and the coaster was pretty good too (tbh what more could you expect from a ride like this? The layout did it's job just fine imo) I felt that, on the whole, the atmosphere was quite a bit like ILMENITE's. It's much like the feeling I get when viewing 5dave's work. No matter what theme he is doing there is always this '5dave style' feeling that almost whitewashes the whole thing. Is it necessarily a problem? Probably not, having signature style is not a bad thing after all.

    The main issue I have with this is that when this is compared to ILMENITE there are several key components that can be shared between the two. Large custom paths with various textures added and circular layouts, pits/trenches sectioned off by the paths, fairly compact coaster layout, station that is stands alone from the rest of the architecture, similar clumping foliage with the large trees and brown grass. I realize if you boil it down far enough just about any rct park is made from the same components but your last couple projects have felt like they follow a checklist. And something inside me is just screaming for some ground hugging paths :lol:

    Bleh, tl;dr is that this was a solid Design. Nice work JK.