Park / Hidden Valley


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    Awesome, be back later for review. Congrats JDP!
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    I have a question for the panel,
    did you vote this other than a park with cs ?
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    good, to see some NCSO Stuff on the frontpage!
    Sry, i made a mistake: Good, to see such awesome NCSO Stuff on the frontpage!
    Really nice Park, JDP. The only thing I dont like is the Q-Area at engine 59.
    Too boring compared to the rest of the Map imo.
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    JDP, you are magician of NCSO, one of my favorite park and I adore this, No lie.
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    I see I'm the low vote this time

    First off, I thought it was a very good park for what it is however when I compare this to other recent parks I have judged, it missed for me. Mainly due to the lack of custom objects. I understand that this was meant to be a NCSO park and the challenge it brings however just because it's a NCSO park, does not make it any better than other parks that do use CSOs.

    I also look at what is available to EVERYONE. Not everyone can hack or create new objects so when I see a park that has no hacking in it, I don't hold a park back because it didn't have any hacks in it. Custom Objects are available to everyone and requires no special skill to use them (it does require skill to use them correctly though)

    Yes the coasters were exceptional as I would expect from from JDP but I didn't see this as anything other than a runner up (Bronze) and I doubt it would have been a runner up back in the days of early RCT2 when we didn't have objects which in this case, I can compare to the older parks back when objects were very limited.

    All that said, I did really love the coasters JDP. That is by far your strongest aspect of the game.

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    This is great JDP. Especially for NCSO, wow. Nice job, hope to see more awesome shit like this from you in the future.

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    I liked your idea of stacking the "spine" to make the Intamin not have to be merged. That was clever and I may use that idea sometime soon.

    And that little lake where the bridge was was very beautiful. Well placed, and executed great too.
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    this was very very good. i think NCSO is far better than your CSO parks. the coasters were amazing and I absolutely love the flume interaction with the intamin as I tried to capture in the banner. the diagonal bi-rail bunny hop over the path was excellent too.

    the only real negative was the fact that you used mini-rc as the station for the accelerator to avoid merging and switched the cars to giga which caused it to break down frequently. this is something that someone with your skill should have taken the time to fix, especially with the park being peep friendly, it really brought it down a level for me or it might have been a 70% vote.

    the use of track was phenomenal too, such as the topspin, the diagonal train bridge, and the general use to make the areas of the park more inviting.

    you really had something special with the log flume too. a fantastic atmosphere and fun all around ride. the station diner was clever and worked out perfectly.

    the large custom tree was nice too.

    wow, just wow. seriously can't wait to see your next work, and if i may say this, please stick to NCSO because you really have something special going on with the style.
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    I simply judge it as NCSO, its like I have a different critique for CS RCT2 and LL its just a different way of playing the game and schould be judged as one aswell I think, I mean we applaud people for being inventive with LL but when its rct2 you schould use cs because it's there? i think this is a subcathegory in its own right wich imo is just as hard as LL or RCT2 with CS,

    I loved the park and its atmosphere
    the coasters are genius but it was overall a little too small for my taste to be a gold.
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    I only downloaded this cause I know your layouts are the beesknees. congrats!
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    Looks really neat from the overview! Gonna check it out right now.
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    Excellent release, JDP!!

    The coasters were each flawless, which I've come to expect of you, and each small area had an individual atmosphere that distinguished it from the others. It's amazing what you can do with such a small map. Really makes me want to pick up the pace on my NCSO project! It's always fun to see what uses other people find for NCSO objects, and this doesn't disappoint. Awesome job, and you better do another one like this!

    Edit: Isn't this his fourth Silver, Sam?
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    I still stand by my comment of this being the best NCSO the community has seen. Blows everything else out of the water. Simply amazing.
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    ^Eh, I prefer nin's NCSO far more, but this was still really nice. My thoughts are similar to gee's.
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    ^^thanks louis!

    thanks for all the comments guys. and gee to answer your concern, i have windows 7 so i cant do any track merging and cant make anything invisible. believe me i would have rather had the intamin track for the station so the excitement rating would be higher but i couldnt do it.

    on a personal note, this park started out just for fun but it quickly became a lot more then that. there is something for me with a ncso park that clicks opposed to when i build with cs. honestly i cant remember having that much fun building a park and i think it was due to the challenge of it all. sometimes i feel overwhelmed with all the cs objects but when it came to this park i knew my options and figured out how to execute my ideas. i also couldnt do any track mergers or make anything invisible so i knew my architecture and foliage had to be strong.

    thanks again for all the comments guys... i might have to take another go at a ncso in the future, we'll see. and fiz your right, this is my forth silver, not third.
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    as a "defender of the NCSO style" I was happy to see such a piece of work at the front page of NE. After checking the savegame I'm seriously amazed: This park remains the feeling of the old days but without being a boring repetition. It adds some new elements to the NCSO style without being over the top. Especially the entrance area with it's well crafted bridge is really brilliant.
    This is a great park that really inspired me to start building RCT2 again, which I will do as soon as I have some time.

    Thanks for that and regards...Doom
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    ^i always love hearing comments like this. im happy my work was able to give you motivation to pick the game back up. glad you enjoyed it man

    oh and 5dave, thanks again for another awesome logo, i love it
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    I've got to say bro, I never took a look at the last frontpage releases (and infact I didn't take a look at this one either yet) but I was just looking through your releases and looked at the overview of this again. And judging from the overview I feel that this is a great park! I'm especially amazed by the park's layout. Great layout and sooo sooo believable. The park offers pretty much everything a park of this size could offer and as Doomsday said it doesn't feel boring as it's really something that doesn't seem to be inspired by a lot of other work but something you created on your own with your own ideas. Therefore it looks like a great park to explore and it looks like you had a lot of fun creating this lovely masterpiece. ;)
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    ^thanks fisch!